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~Here is the profile template~

[]Eye color[]
[]Hair color[]
[]Species[] Human/Shiki
And a picture to show what your character looks like.

If you want to be a cannon character, you must ask me or a mod, and you that character must not be taken by anyone. If the character you want is already taken, then I'm sorry but you can't be that character. I will update the cannon characters everyday, so that everyone can know who is taken or not.

~Cannon Characters~

Megumi Shimizu: Open 1 and 2
Natsuno Yuuki: Taken by 1 +Miuzaki Kurosaki​​ and open 2
Sunako Kirishiki: Taken by 1 +Diamond Dust​​ and open 2
Tatsumi: Taken by 1 +Alucard Hellsing​​ and open 2
Toshio Ozaki: Open 1 and 2
Seishin Muroi: Open 1 and 2
Tooru Mutou: Open 1 and 2
Kaori Tanaka: Open 1 and 2
Akira Tanaka: Open 1 and 2
Chizuru Kirishiki: Open 1 and 2
Seishirou Kirishiki: Open 1 and 2
Yoshie Kurahashi: Open 1 and 2
Nao Yasumori: Open 1 and 2
Kyouko Ozaki: Open 1 and 2
Masao Murasako: Open 1 and 2
Ritsuko Kunihiro: Open 1 and 2

I have decided that since there are people who are going to be cannon characters and stuff, we could have only 1 more of that same character, for say if the first cannon profile is made by someone and their not online or they barely come on anymore, or if they don't come on at all, we could have a second person play as the cannon characters.
Make sure to have fun roleplaying and let me know if you have any questions.

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I have decided that since there are people who are going to be cannon characters and stuff, we could have only 1 more of that same character, for say if the first cannon profile is made by someone and their not online or they barely come on anymore, or if they don't come on at all, we could have a second person play as the cannon characters.

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Tohru was now a shiki after his death and was is now having to drink the blood from humans and is afraid of killing his best friend so one night he was order by one of the shiki to kill Yuuki so he went to his house and then tap on the window 

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Name: Tohru Mutou
Age: 18
Species: Human/Shiki
Bio:Tooru was a cheerful and outgoing young man with a happy-go-lucky and gentle personality. He was friendly and kind to anyone, whether they are locals, outsiders or strangers, a trait which has people, like Natsuno, open up to him, making him well liked by his peers. He also cares about his family and enjoys playing video games.
After his death and becoming a Shiki, though he retains his gentle personality, he loses his cheerful and positive exterior as he becomes torn by guilt and self-loathing for he has to kill even when he doesn't want to only for survival and he gets consumed by his own bloodlust but can't stop himself, becoming a reluctant killer. He falls into deeper guilt when and after he kills his friend, Natsuno as he was forced to choose either him or have Tatsumi attack Tooru's family. This results in Tooru becoming cynical, bitter and depressed.


[]Name[] TATSUMI
[]Nicknames[] None
[]Age[] 23
[]Height[] 6" 0'
[]Weight[] 157
[]Eye color[] Yellow
[]Hair color[] Blue
[]Likes[] blood,
[]Dislikes[] Hurting others,
[]Personality[] Tatsumi may seem sweet, however, Tatsumi plays the role of the antagonist who serves the Kirishiki family as a loyal servant. He takes care of almost everything, he takes care of the newly resurrected Shiki and teaches them what to do. He may have a very cruel personality, but he shows great admiration for Sunako and serves her with respect.
[]Species[] JINRUO/SHIKI
[]Quotes[] "It's not a matter of a creature's individual worth. It's a matter of a creature's personal feelings."

Can i be a character from shiki..... please.....

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Quotes: "Death is terrible for anyone. Young or old, good or evil, it’s all the same. Death is impartial. There is no especially terrible death. That’s why death is so fearsome. Your deeds, your age, your personality, your wealth, your beauty: they are all meaningless in the face of death."

Name: Sunako Kirishiki

Age: 100+ but looks 13

Species: vampire/shiki

Gender: Female

Likes: Sunako enjoys reading books. She also cares for her fellow Shikis, her adopted family and Seishin as she shows a level of concern for them

Dislikes: Since Sunako looks small and cute to others, usually people call her 'Miss', which she hates

Personality: Sunako is a mysterious young girl who seems to be quite childlike and playful when first introduced. She enjoys reading books as she read many of them when she was confined by her family and mentions how she enjoyed reading Seishin's books. She, however, displays knowledge that a child her age shouldn't have and exhibits some levels of religious affliation, especially about the topic of death, something which warned Seishin of her true nature.

Appearance: Sunako has the appearance of a young girl with dark purple hair(almost light brown), pale skin and hollow black eyes with a tint of red. She mostly wears different kinds of Victorian clothing. When she was first introduced, she wore a lavender dress with black laces and red Mary-Jane like shoes. When she was alive, her eyes were brown.

Bio: Sunako was originally a beloved daughter of a well-off family. One day, a Jinrou Western noble visited her family and took interest in Sunako. She was bitten by him and died shortly afterward. When she revived as a Shiki, her family kept her confined and sent her servants to feed on. After some time, she finally left her refuge and went on a journey to find her family, who had moved. However, her journey went on to no avail for so long that by the time Sunako realized it, her entire family was all dead.

After Lukas funeral's he was send to the graveyard where all the other dead bodies go and so yuuki was sad about his best friend death and so everyday yuuki would think about his best friend and how megumi killed him and so then one night in the graveyard Lukas woke up to see he was coffin and then he heard someone digging up his coffin 

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[]Name[] Natsuno Yuuko
[]Nicknames[] None
[]Age[] 17
[]Height[] 5.9in
[]Weight[] 110lbs
[]Eye color[] Purple
[]Hair color[] Purple
[]Gender[] Male
[]Likes[] Not many things
[]Dislikes[] Hates it when people call him by his first name
[]Personality[] He's not the type of person who likes to hangout, but he's a good person. He mostly likes to keep to himself
[]Sexuality[] Bisexual
[]Species[] Human, but becomes a shiki in the future
[]Bio[] A 15-year-old boy who lives and attends school in Sotoba. Though he prefers living in the city than in the country, Natsuno reluctantly moved to Sotoba with his parents when they wanted a change of environment. He has an estranged relationship with his father, since his parents reject social norms and aren't married, causing him to have his mother's surname. He often exhibits a cold exterior, especially disliking Megumi Shimizu, who has a one-sided crush on him. He is kind and friendly toward those whom he considers his friends.

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Name: Lukas
Age: 17
Weapon: sword
Species: Human
Bio: enjoy hanging out with friends and is scared of vampires and doesn't like being bitten and he defends himself with his sword and hates beening killed and he lives by himself and his best friend is Yuuki 
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