Happy Snow Day! We will have our test on Secret Life of Bees tomorrow. Please review a little between snowman building and cocoa drinking. ---Mrs. Bieler

Assignment for Friday, December 2nd:
August tells Lily that there are many Black Madonna or Black Mary figures throughout history, especially in Europe. Is this true? Using the internet research the one August speaks about in the novel and one other one. For each, read the article you find, write a summary of the story behind the Mary and cite the article using proper MLA format.

Submit your two article citations and two paragraphs, along with the answer to the question listed here:
August says, “You see, everybody needs a God who looks like them, Lily.” What does August mean by this? Do you agree or disagree with this? Why or why not?

Questions for "The Present":
1. In a paragraph, identify the controlling idea of the film and give two to three pieces of evidence from the film to support your answer.
2. Select one literary technique or device used in the film to help convey the controlling idea you identified in question one. In a paragraph, name and define your selected element or device. Then give at least one example of its use in the film. Then explain how the film's controlling idea is demonstrated through the use of your chosen element or device.

*I love this short film. It is one of my favorites.*

Tuesday's Assignment:
"The devil is in the details." This famous saying fits well in life, but also with this novel. Robert Alexander includes lots of tiny details in his writing. In a paragraph, discuss the literary element he is using, identify three specific examples of his use of detail from the book (with page numbers, and discuss how the details benefit the narrative. Complete and submit this assignment in google.docs.

Then read the next two chapters of the novel.

Thank you!

Mrs. Bieler

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Review for tomorrow's test:
1. Know your characters and key events...read through your study guide packet to help review the main ideas and events.
2. Symbolism is key...who or what in the story is a symbol and what do they represent? Think about this as there will be several questions b/c there were so many.
3. Irony...review the three types and think of examples of each from the novel (hint: what is happening in the outside world? How is the rescue of the boys then ironic?)
4. Review your list of literary terms and think of examples that could be found in the novel. (Hint: think bigger terms/ideas...not ones that would require a specific quote...for example simile would be a foolish choice since we would need a quote to prove there was one.)
5. What are the major themes of the novel? What is the author trying to show us about society? about evil? about how humans behave? about war and fighting? about intelligence? about friendship? about survival?

Do not forget to study! Good luck on tomorrow's test.

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