Hello! I just wanted to announce that I have been messing around recently in attempting to make a LAN server for my own use and may in the distant future open a new server depending on how things go. Hope things are going well for all of you.

I regret to inform you all this on such short notice, however, I had unfortunately had to close the server effective immediately. I understand that you may be upset and I apologize, however, with a lack of funds I was unable to continue to keep it open. I look forward to possibly opening a new server as long as I am certain I can keep it open and if Minecraft is still popular enough for people to really want to donate to at least break even on the costs of running the server. Thank you for your time spent on the server, it is greatly appreciated.

Is the server down?

I plan to get the server updated to 1.6.1 as soon as I can. I apologize for the delay as I forgot about the update. I need to make sure all plugins are updated before I do so so that we don't run into issues with essential plugins not being available.

Tried to /res, was told I don't have enough money.
How much does it cost?

Why's it offline?

The server is currently down due to maintenance and updating of plugins. It should be up in about an hour or two at the very most.

Name: omputercayeekgay

Age: 12-14

Amount of time spent on server: A few days, but have advertised to at least two other people successfully

Skin Thickness: I am quite tolerant, up to a certain point.

How to deal with a hacker: Depending on the hack, a different kind of punishment, like a kick if they're spamming, a temp ban (1hour to 3 days) for duplicating or griefing, and a ban if they have had two or more temp bans within two weeks.

Random Facts: I have managed many Hamachi servers, and been an unofficial moderator on many public servers.

Moderator Application Format
Please make sure to post ONLY on the Moderator Applications discussion.
This is what an ideal Moderator Application should look like:
Name (In game): Stephon9000000
Age (not for discriminatory purposes, nor has to be exact age I.E. 14-18 years old): 18-20 years old.
Amount of time spent on server: a few days after creation of server
How thick your skin is (should be self explanatory ): I can deal with a lot of grief towards myself without being offended. (There's a point in which it is simply too obnoxious and actions should be taken.)
How to deal with a hacker and second chances (this is very important):
One Question for Owner of Server (something appropriate of course):
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These are the basics for Residence for those who are new to this:
First: to select an area to protect, use a Wood Spade and left click a block in one corner and then right click a block either above or below in the opposite diagonal corner.
Second: type
/res create [name]
 /res create WarioLand will be our example.
you will be able to rename the residence if you made a mistake by typing
/res rename [oldname] [newname]
/res rename WarioLand MarioLand
Third: the easiest way to add friends is by the trusted macro for flags or permissions. You can set either them individually using pset or in groups with gset.
/res pset MarioLand [playername] [flag] [t/f]
/res pset MarioLand Stephon900000 trusted t if you want it to be true
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