Dear testers,

Due to some changes on the server side, we had to refresh the Babblify database as the changes were not backward compatible.

The changes were unavoidable as they greatly enhance the scalability of the application.

This however unfortunately means that your login details and your submission history have been wiped.

Please register again to Babblify and we hope this is the last time this happens.

We profusely apologize for this inconvenience.


Babblify Team.

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Hey there Can I join Your beta testers , looks like an interesting idea

Note about this week's update:

Unfortunately, there were a few problems with today's planned update and the changes could not be implemented in time. The main reason for this was due to the fact upgrading the app to be fully Lollipop compliant is taking more time than anticipated due to the dramatic changes Google has made in lollipop and with Material Design.

As a result, this week's update has been postponed and is now planned for next week.

Our apologies in advance.

Note about Beta testing:

Dear testers.

Whilst Babblify currently contains multiple languages, most of the content are being shared in English due to the nature of Beta testing and the small number of users that is expected in our Android beta tests.

If you subscribe to multiple languages, please choose English as one of them and be prepared to only receive Babbles in English for now and to receive only 1-2 Babbles a day for the next few days due to lowered quotas which allows us to gather the statistics we need :).

I would like to sincerely thank you for being patient and for your continued support. I promise the quotas will be increased gradually over the next few weeks.

Thank you very much.

Note about emails going to junk:

We have found out that some spam filters may categorize the welcome and registration emails as spam.

After investigation by a friend (Josh), two problems were identified:

1) The reverse DNS lookup was not setup correctly by the ISP
2) The DKIM signature was invalid.

Both of these problems have been addressed but there's still a problem with the hashing function for the DKIM signature validation what is most probably caused by the line ending of the body of the email. This problem will be fully investigated in the next couple of days and will be addressed.

Meanwhile, please ensure you check your spam/junk folders for any registration emails you may receive.

I just downloaded it thanks for sharing

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Coming up in the upcoming release (06 June):

- If the Babble contains a URL, you can now open the URL from within Babblify.

Chinese (simplified)

Other localizations pending:

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Today's release includes the ability to share, receive or browse trends in various languages.

Supported languages are currently:


The UI will be translated in these languages in the upcoming weeks and the "right to left" UI, applicable to Farsi and Arabic will be fully functional next week (it's not entirely functional now).

Also coming in the next few weeks is a fully functional 10" tablet version and we will start working on the iOS version soon.

Thank you for supporting the Beta and please remember to submit any feedbacks or requests you may have.

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Coming up in the next release, scheduled for May 30th:

Ability to specify your spoken languages and to select and publish topics in the language of your choice. The content propagation is topic and language sensitive, meaning your Babble will only be propagated to those who have selected the topic and in the language you're submitting the babble in.
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