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meme trash

Hey guys im doing animal jam art requests! plz comment or post below what you want or if you have any questions

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Here i a W.I.P. Should I continue it?

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Drew a random wolf. Like it?

I have nothing to draw XD Maybe you can draw your Animal Jam character?

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Replicating Pyro from Team Fortress 2..... :3

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Ok, giving everyone numbers for the mod giveaway :DD
1. +Xdiamond ender Cat 
2. +BlueSky 604 
3. +Ghøstii :P 
4. +Cindy Kitty (PandaKat)
5. +RosyArcticPawAJ {artist} 
6. +RainbowTiger AJ 
7. +WolfieFire Gaming 
8. +Sparklybunny12 
9. +Mia Lopez
10. Me (won't be included)

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Ya know what?
I liked this look so much I'm making an art contest :3

Same rules as always:

~ no bases or tracing
~ draw the animal below to the best of your ability
~ end date is April 30th, exactly one month to enter
~ use the hashtag   #SkeleFedoraWaffleArtCon  
~ also tag me in the post

Ok, now the fun part :DD
1st: yellow short wrist
2nd: TV (beta, but not from the beta party)
3rd: Traffic Cone (beta)

well, happy drawing :DD

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Just to keep the community from going completely quiet
Me doing random stuff in animal jam X3
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