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"One two three four five six seven eight, nine ten eleven twelve thirteen fourteen fifteen sixteen.....seventeen. Dead at seventeen.

She laughed, the police where fools.....she killed seventeen year olds the give a pattern to them, she turned around, her dyed pink hair looking grey in the moon light 


{tryin to make this community active!} 

Hey guys, let's get this community back up and running!!!! Why don't we all have a group RP?

+Murderous GrahamCrackers Would you like for me to start inviting people to this community? Or would you only like a select few to be invited?

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Mikkel waltzes through the slums, though not in a wandering way. He has a sense of purpose about him as he makes his way through the back-alleyways. He holds a package in his hand, and he slams open the door to a shady looking shanty-house. That's when...

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((OPEN +Murderous GrahamCrackers and anyone else who wants to join!))

Mikkel walks into Hannibal's room in their hideout, with some medical supplies. "Hey, you up yet?"

(Open RP to +Rachel Shadowhunter and whoever else wants to join!)

Mark limbs into his office on a crutch because of the large cast on his leg. He sits down at his desk and pulls out a mirror and looks at his still swollen, purple nose. Dang, I hate this... He gently runs a hand down his nose, stopping at the brace on it. Ow... That's when you come in, and...

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Mikkel walks through the slums, not caring that he seemed slightly out of place with his fancy clothing and bright red scarf. He strolls up to a shabby looking building, and ducks inside, slamming the door shut behind him.
"Hey! My axe better be ready, or I'm not paying you!"

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"Mikkel Densen."

"They call me Migi."

"I am 22 years of age."

"Don't have any. Don't want any either."

"I was born on July 23rd."

"I was born in Denmark. The exact location? Dunno. Just know it's in Denmark."

"I'm male. Seems like this society is becoming more and more brain dead. Do I look female to you?"

/Height/ "I'm 5'11". Comes in handy when I use my axe."
/Weight/ "That's confidential. And besides, I never bothered to weigh myself in the first place."
/Blood Type/ "I'm a blood type A+."
/Build/ "You could describe me as tall, lanky, but muscular. I'm not too buff, but not too skinny either. I'm in that happy medium zone."
/Hair Color/ "I'm blonde. Though sometimes I look like a ginger..."
/Hair Style/ "It's spiked and stuff. Mostly gets parted over to the right. That's just how I like it."
/Eye Color/ "I've got blue eyes."
/Skin/ "Eh. Pale, tan, I dunno."
/Other/ "I usually wear black and red. And a little hat too."

"My parents are dead, probably. Was an only child, so no siblings."

"I've been charged with murder, kidnapping, and several other things I don't care to name."

"Don't have one. I just slice 'em up."

Even so, most of his victims are easily matched to him, because of the exact symmetry to his slicing.

Mikkel is unstable. He may seem lighthearted and happy, but he's got a dark side. Also, it should count for something that he enjoys chopping things up with his axe.

"I'm OCD. Nothing imperfect escapes my eye."

He's usually considered to be happy, smiling a lot. That is, the last thing his victims usually see is his smiling face. But that's not all there is to it. Behind that eccentric smile and happy-go-lucky look is a dark, calculating, cruel personality, that tends to come out when he is in-between jobs, or gets irritated at someone. He's also very sadistic, liking to go out and kill for fun...

~Axe wielding
~Avoiding capture
~Annoying people
~Getting on someone's bad side
~Formulating effective plans
~Firing a gun on target

A double bladed battle axe, kept in impeccable shape.

A smaller, one sided axe, usually used in chopping down trees.

A small pistol, only for emergency uses.


~Slicing things open
~Messing with people
~His axe
~Having the advantage, the upper hand

~Being outsmarted

The abandoned WW2 bunker that belongs to "The Eyeless." (?)

Mikkel is a level 3, though he may be a 4 soon.

He does not have one at the moment.


"Why would I tell you?"

"That's none of your business either."

"Once there was a boy. His name was Mikkel. Then his parents abandoned him, deciding to replace him instead with another child. So, he lived as a street urchin for a little while, before he decided he could take revenge. Unfortunately, revenge was out of reach. That is, until one day he found a small woodcutter's axe in the dump where he had been living. This was perfect. So he took the dull, rusted axe, and went after those cruel parents of his. And he killed them, right in front of the child they replaced him with. The end."

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Name: Nicholas Fraizer
Age: 25
D.O.B: july 29
Gender: male
Height: 5ft 4in
Weight: 129 lbs
Blood Type: a positive
Eye Color: blue
Hair Color: black
Hair Style: long and silky
Family and Friends: none needed, they're all just distractions from my goal
Badge Number: 1921
Disorders: Flesh wounds drive him into a rage fit
Personality: cold, collected, violent, and an ultimate socialist 
Skills: gunmanship, pattern recognition, riddles, and science
Weapons: a p-38 pistol and a tazer hidden in his back pocket
Other Items: pepper spray and handcuffs
Likes: justice, order, cleanliness, and purity
Dislikes: chaos, disorder, impurity, and any form of murder
Money: 982$
Bio: As an intern at a young age working at the police station his skills were utilized to help solve unfinished cases. One case about a woman being stabbed to death and marked with strange markings on her face intrigued him. Soon after he started he was met with a disturbing message at his house, his brother dead. A smile carved into his face as well as this message "Drop the case". He soon cut off all ties with his girlfriend, family, and any friends, he then devoted his life to tracking who ever did this, he doesn't care for family or friends. All that matters is taking whoever did that down and carve the same message into his rotten corpse.

(Open to +Murderous GrahamCrackers )
Nicholas walks through the slums eyeing every person he looks at. Of course they're criminals but he'll save them for later,  all that matters now is finding weasel. He walks through an alley way to find weasel turned around with something to his nose. He takes a asperin hidden in his pocket then takes out his pistol Turn around weasel grins and turns around slowly Nicholas, long time no see buddy Nick scowls I need no friends you crack pot piece of - weasel laughs then faces him Tell that to your brother the next time you see him, okay Nickolas's scowl turns into a full on look of distaste The only reason I'm not having your rear dragged to Court is information
 so spill it! Weasel laughs and you'll have it, so what info do you need? Nicholas puts the gun down I info about murders, they are a big deal right now. Weasel frowns No, just no.. If I spill each and every one of them have my head by morning Nicholas points the gun And if you don't I'll have your head now, So spill already! weasel starts to sweat Look, here's what I know one of em'll be at - weasels head now contains a bullet hole and you walk closer. Nicholas turns around
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