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Clan War projected for this weekend.
Prep starting 4/15 @ 7am AZT, 9am CST
War starts approx. 24 hrs later on 4/16
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Yes, even Google has failures. Their Spaces app is being discontinued 4/17/2017.

Here is another attempt to streamline our Jack jr Clash of Clans team experience. The goal is to provide members a framework in which to:

1. Enjoy
2. Communicate
3. Share
4. Learn
5. Grow

1. Have more fun with Clash by winning more and becoming better teammates.
2. Get to know more people and make new friends
3. Get more satisfaction from playing.

1. War
A. Coordinate war dates and times
B. Post assignments of who is to fight whom and when. This should be handy for those who can't be watching our Clash Chat constantly.
C. If one of you can figure out how to record or copy a Class War attack we could post the tip two War Battles here for all to enjoy.
2. Other Clean related information. If there is A Clean membership request you can use this area day of you know the person.

1. A place to share a camp design with other team members. Post a PIC of your most successful set up for someone who asks.
2. Website videos or sites that are helpful with design and strategy
3. Share a PIC of yourself so we can see who we are talking to and Clashing with.

1. Learn how to be A Master Clasher
2. Experience the satisfaction of team effort and success
3. Gain knowledge and skill in becoming a leader

1. Become a better person while having fun.
2. Help others to enjoy the Clash experience and grow s an individual too.
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