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Name: Trailblazer

Age: 20 (not my real age)

Gender: Stallion

Race: Pegasus

Cutiemark: A flame. (Representing his ability to create streaks of fire as he flies.

Backstory: He grew up in cloudsdale. His parents were murdered by King Sombra when they tried to help with the war. (The alternate universe in the season 5 finale.) He spent years honing his skills to try and kill every villain in Equestria.

Special ability: Can fly so fast that he defies physics and crosses between parallel universes. He can also travel through time.

Secret: Knows about the human world.

Job: Unemployed

Currently lives: Cloudsdale

>Open RP<
I am trying to open up a portal above Ponyville to the human world. (Read my character profile) I lose control and smash into the ground. I make a small crater. I am lying at the bottom, not moving.

I am passing through Ponyville on my way to canterlot. I decide to buy some apples and get in line. You turn around to face me and say..
((Open RP~~I'm using my Brook Dancer oc))

Name: Brook Dancer

Gender: Mare

Age: 19

Race: Unicorn

Relationship status: Has a crush on Sunset Soldier(My other oc).

Talent/cutiemark: A broken green and red Crystal

Skills: Advanced Military Training, Nearing Advanced Military Security And Enforcement, and beginner in the study of other species.

Employer: Equestrian Military Reserves

Job: HB Security.

Job Title: Classified.

Job Description: Classified.

Bio: I was born in a village near the southern end of the Everfree forest. When I turned 14 I signed up for the Equestrian military reserves and went thru all their training. I am now stationed at 'ERMB127' and love my job.

A Picture:

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Name: Lara smooth
Age: 20
Race: Pegasus

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Name: Rainbow Shy
Race: Double Pegasus

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Anypony wanna rp with me

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You see me walking around the market place at night carrying a bag. it's around hear somewhere. I walk up to a stand with a picture of two guard ponies that appear to be guarding a ruby. I press the ruby and the guards' eyes turn green. the curtains are opened by a mare with brown hair and white coat. Did you get it filled? The mare hands me a bow and arrows and a brown rock. What's it for? The mare whispers something in my ear. I put them in my bag and throw bits on the stand, and the mare takes them and closes the curtains. I turn around and start going home.

Name: equestrian harmony
Cm:mane six cutie marks in heart shape with selestias and Luna's in the Middle
Likes:friends, hanging out with pinkie pie, acting in movies, and jumping of of cloudsdale
Dislikes:showing who he really is (is half changeling), being sad, and dogs
Race:alicorn (am I aloud to be one?)
Bio:was formed by the elements of harmony during queen crstalsisys attack, he was born with hate, causing him to kill somepony, then the mane six, fluttershy,twilight,RainbowDash, rarity,pinkie pie, and applejack, had to use them on him, causing him to turn good, and therefore he started being happy, witch, after the tirek incedint, he decided to live in ponyvill with his friends, instead of living in the everfree forest in a tent, and he hasn't gone away since
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