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Marble is a gorgeous and elegant natural stone!
With frequent marble care, this stone will be preserved in all its natural beauty, and realise its potential for longevity, saving you money in the long-term!
See how different it looks before and after restoration!

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#Damp  walls?

#RisingDamp  occurs because the building’s damp proof course (DPC) has broken down or is being bridged by high ground. A DPC installed during construction will be a physical layer of impermeable material. This can consist of slate, bitumen impregnated felt or plastic, for example. Many older properties do not have a DPC.

Where appropriate, PTL will install a chemical DPC system to control the problem.

The chemical DPC is injected into the walls at regular intervals. There will often be a small level of moisture held in the substrate due to salt contamination even when rising damp is controlled. Re-plastering will replace the salt contaminated plaster and protect the decorated surface from any residual moisture held in the wall.

Our experienced surveyors will be able to determine if the dampness reported is rising damp requiring a chemical DPC and re-plastering or if it is dampness due to salts left in the plaster by an old case of rising damp which requires specialist re-plastering.

Call us on 0800 980 4937 to arrange a survey, or visit

We are currently looking for experienced Project Managers to work on various London projects that we have recently secured. These projects will be starting within the next few months.

If you are interested in joining please send a C.V to or call us on 01342 893608

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Total Drainage are proud to provide range of on-site drainage services to the construction industry. Get in touch for a free quotation and site assessment.

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Downwell are currently on the lookout for new members to join our team.

You may have experience within the demolition industry or are just looking for a change of career. We will help you uncover some hidden talents!!

The current positions avaliable are:

Site Labourer, Site Supervisor & Excavator Operators.

Great pacakages avaliable. If you are interested please email a C.V to or call 01342 893 608.

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Time for a #MondayGiggle!
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