Hi!! My name is Erika Nakai. I used to live in New York for three years when I was in elementary school. My hobby is listening to music and recently I listen to Sam Smith, The 1975, Taylor Swift etc.. I also love playing sports, especially volleyball :) I am so looking forward to this program and to making it an unforgettable experience!!! See you soon:))

Hello everyone! I am Sophie. I am one of the three mentors in the workshop. Very excited to have you guys in the workshop~ Before arrival, we hope you guys could know a bit about each other. Please add a post to this category "Self-intro" to briefly introduce yourself. You may write your name, hobbies, fun facts like "My birthday is on Christmas!" or "I love cats!", or maybe what animal will you use to describe yourself? Just make it fun! 

So first, myself. I am Otaku(literally watch more than ten anime every season). Love painting(ままです。。). The rest of time I code program... Three years of experience in doing environmental science research before. That's it. 

Look forward to your self-introduction posts~

Hi guys! My name is Yiyi, another mentor. I am excited about our upcoming workshop and hope you guys are too! I am a first-year graduate student with Environmental Engineering major. I like tennis, swimming, and drawing (I learned most drawing from Japanese anime!)
 If you know any other friends who are also in the workshop program, feel free to invite them to this community! We hope to have everyone in here. Again, I am looking forward to meeting all of you on Thursday and have a safe and wonderful trip!

Hello.My name is Saki Ayai. My birthday is the last day of the year! I have lived in Japan since I was born. I am first grade of high school, and belong to track and field club so I like playing sports! I feel nervous, but I'm looking forward to this program!

Hello! My name is Minami Odagiri. I used to live in New Delhi for three years. My birthday is on the same day as Mahatma Gandhi :p I love dancing and watching musicals and doing crazy things with my friends. I am very VERY excited about this program :D See you soon!
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