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oh... myy.... godzzz

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This is cute

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I want to write a Halloween fanfiction but then I remember that I can't write and even if I can it Will take me forever and I have no plot yay!
So I am gonna write something right now and I am gonna Wing it so: (thinking of it as I go, nothing was previously written or thought of)
[I am thinking of solangelo as I write this so-]
(Going to be Will and Nico not Person A and B)

"No, I don't want to go! Hazel! Reyna! I will not go to some stupid Halloween party. What's the point anyways? And if I do go, you can't make me dress up in some costume." I said.

"Aw, come on Nico! Everything will be fine. Its just a Halloween party, nothing extreme. You don't have to wear a costume, just come!" My sister, Hazel pleaded.

"I hear that Will Solace will be there." Reyna smirked. I felt myself blush, and I know they noticed. I mean why do they think I like him? I mean am I that obvious? "And me knowing that Will is going to be there, will motivate me to go how? I don't care about him." I lied.

"Sure you don't care about him." Hazel spoke. Damn it. How are they so confident about knowing how I feel. "Are you going to come or not Nico? This is your last chance." Reyna said.

I can't believe I am about to give in. "Ugh, fine, just let me get ready. Also, know that I am not going to socialize with anyone." And with that I left ťhę living room.

I walked up the stairs, into the first room on the right. My room. It had band posters on the walls. The walls were painted this beautiful shade of blue. Dont tell Percy that I thought a shade of blue was beautiful. He's going to hold it against me, and I really don't need that. I walked into my closet picking out what to wear.

I ended up deciding on a black shirt with white skeletons on it. I put on my black skinny jeans. My favourite pair to be exact. I had on my very worn out black and white high top converse. I put on my best black leather jacket. I had my nails painted Black, and I had already done my eyeliner. Lastly I need to do something with my hair.

I glanced at the time. 7:30. Ugh. Hazel and Reyna said I has to be ready by 8. I quickly rushed to decide upon what to do with hair. That resulted me with a quiff, but with red tips. (I don't know how to explain his hair, okay?) 7:57. I walked from my bathroom to my room, where my mirror was located. I checked myself out in the mirror.

Damn. I impressed myself. I had my leather jacket on matching by skinny jeans and converse. I looked good. I touched up my hair a bit. I glanced at how the skinny jeans made my legs look, and let's just say that I was proud of this decision.

"Nico, are you ready!? It's 8:00PM. Reyna's already here." Hazel yelled from downstairs.

Satisfied with how I looked, I grabbed my phone, put it in my jacket pocket, turned of the lights in my room, and walked down the stairs.

"Holy fuck, Nico. You did all that, " Hazel gestured toward me when she saw me, "by yourself, and willingly!?"

"I guess.... " I trailed of. "Damn, Nico. Who would have thought you would have done all this." Reyna commented.

"I bet he did it for Will." Hazel said to Reyna. "I think so too!" Reyna replied ever so quickly.

"I DID NOT!" I practically screamed loud enough for the rest of our neighbors to hear me.

"Whatever you say, big brother." Hazel said. Hazel was dressed as an angel. She had wings and everything. Reyna was just wearing a strapless red dress. I guess she wasn't dressed as anything for Halloween. "We're going to be late if we dont go now. " Reyna reminded us all. Reyna grabbed her purse from the table she apparently left her purse on. We walked out of the front door, with me being the last one out. I locked the door and followed them to Reyna's car.(Not going to describe it because I don't know shit about cars)

"I call shotgun!" I called as I walked past Hazel. When Reyna finally started driving I asked, "So, um, where is this party going to be?"

"Its going to be at a mansion,that had been rented for this party. Its about am hour away." Hazel smiled, while as I groaned. "Don't worry Nico, we'll be there soon enough. And there's no turning back now." Reyna said. I nodded and took out my phone. 100%.charge. I also took out my earplugs and plugged them into my phone and started. I put my music on shuffle and I immediately regretted it, seeing how it played Welcome To The Black Parade, which resulted in me almost dropping my phone on the car floor. I pulled myself together and turned off shuffle. I changed ťhę song to Famous Last Words by My Chemical Romance. I got the sudden memory that they used to call Gerard's earplugs, "Shut The Fuck Ups" because he couldn't hear anything besides what was playing.

I continued to listen to music the whole car ride.

"We're here!" Hazel said excitedly, being me back from my thoughts. Damn that was quick.

We got out of the car, and started walking towards the mansion. It was huge. I wonder how they has enough money to rent this place and throw a Halloween party.

As we were walking toward the front door that was open we were greeted by none other then Percy and Jason. Jason was dressed as Superman. He even had a cape and wore tights. It took everything I had to not laugh at him. Oh my god. And Percy was dressed as Batman, and believe me when I tell you that, that look did not suit him well. "Hey guys. Oh my god how did you two get Nico to come!?" Jason asked in shock.
I rolled my eyes as Reyna responded, "Nice to see you too Grace. We convinced him by telling him thay Will would be here." I blushed as I replied, "NO! THAT'S NOT HOW YOU CONVINCED ME TO COME!"

Wait.....maybe I did come for Will. Maybe I did dress up for him. But either way it doesn't matter, he is probably straight and has a girlfriend.

"Sure, Nico, sure." Percy smirked. "Shut up, Jackson." I hissed. "Anyways, let's go inside!" Hazel smiled as she dragged me inside, leaving Reyna with Percy and Jason.

Inside there were many decorations for Halloween, and so many people. Most of them were wearing a costume. I noticed some superheros, villains, cartoon characters, vampires, zombies, and whatnot.

"Hazel, I'm going to go get a drink." I told Hazel. She nodded and I walked away. They better not have spiked it. You know what, fuck it, I'm going to drink water. I walked past many people dancing, and even some people making out. Ugh. There was a band playing music. It wasn't bad music, but it wasn't good either.

I kept walking untill I saw him. Will. Fuck. He looked hot as fuck. He was wearing a golden suit that was sparky (Like Brendon Urie's øne. I guess). His blonde hair went so well with suit. He was wearing Black skinny jeans like me. His nails were painted yellow. Oh and his eyes were as beautiful as ever. Those blue eyes. His perfect jawline. So fucking perfect. Ugh. I wish he was mine. I wish I could call him my boyfriend. But I can't.

He was next to the table with all sorts of drinks and snacks. I walked towards the table, and tried to get some water from the pitcher. "Sup, Solace." Wow, how smooth.

As suprised as he was he looked at me, "Oh my god, Nico, don't scare me like that!"

"Sorry" I said not feeling sorry at all. "It's fine, Nico. I didn't know you were coming though. I thought you hated these kinds of things." Will said calmy.

"I don't like these things. Its just that Hazel and Reyna dragged me here."

"Well I'm glad you're here, because you look fucking hot as hell." Will said. I felt the heat rising to my cheeks. Did that just happen. Did he just say that? To me? Will looked as if he was about to murder himself. "I said that out loud, didn't I?"

"Yes." I barely even managed to say. "Look, " Will walked closer to me until he was in front of me, "I mean what I said, and I hope this doesn't change anything between us, because Nico, I really like you. And not as a friend." He said nervously. Aw, he was really cute when he was nervous.

"Will. I-I really like you too. And not as a friend either." I said just loud enough for him to hear me.
His once nervous face changed and he was grinning. "Nico, I really want to kiss you right now."

"Can we go somewhere more private at least?" I asked remembering how we were right where all the food and drinks were. Lucky enough, everyone must have been busy somewhere else. "Okay" Will smiled as he intertwined his hand with mine, and leaded me away upstairs from the stairs at the back of the house, which was empty. Once we were upstairs, he pulled me into the first bedroom there.

It was a pretty simple room, considering the fact that this whole mansion was being rented and no one lived here. There was a queen size bed and some other furniture, including a sofa.

Will closed the door and then pushed me into the wall and started to kiss me. (OH MY FUCKING GOD I AM SO HAPPY) It was a long and passionate kiss. His lips were so soft. Oh gods. I moaned into Will's lips making him smile. We only ever broke off from the kiss to breathe. Will's hands snuck under my shirt. As we continued to kiss (I has no idea how to describe this, I am so sorry for your loss) I tugged on his hair making him moan."Mmm"

Will took his lips off mine, took of my jacket and my shirt, and threw it somewhere on the floor. He pulled me into another kiss, but before he could I pushed him into the sofa and stratled (how do I spell this?)him. I slammed my lips into his as he trailed his fingers over nlmy bare chest. I continued to play his hair. I stopped kissing him, and I tugged off his jacket and shirt and threw it away onto the floor.

Before I had the chance to kiss him, he spoke. "Nico? "

"Yeah?" I responded.

"Will you be my boyfriend?" He looked so nervous. As if he was afraid that I would say no.

"Of course, Will. I would love to be your boyfriend." He grinned like an idiot when he heard this.

He seemed to be thinking of something.

Suddenly he smirked.

"Fuck" I said as he connected his lips to my neck, like a vampire (dont know how to describe this.fuck). He started biting and nibbling on my neck. "Mmm, fuck Will."I moaned as he continued. "Will, you're going to leave a mark! Someomes going to see it!" Will disconnected his lips from my neck and looked at me. "That's the point, babe, " my stomach fluttered with skeletons and I knew I was blushing, "I want people to see it. I want them to know that you're mine. All mine."

"All yours" I smiled as I said this. I allowed him to continue. He attached his lips to my neck yet again. "Mmm."

He stopped and looked at me. He put his hands around my belt, but i stopped him. (I don't know how to write smut so-) He locked his eyes with me. "I'm not ready Will. I'm sorry" I looked away from him. I just wasn't ready. I know that's stupid since I am 18. But i never did it before and I know if I should right now.

"Nico, that's okay. I would never make you do anything your not okay with." Will said, as he used his hands to make me look at him.

"Thank you." I pecked Will on the lips. I saw Will's eyes trail off to the clock on the wall. "Shit, its 10:00PM. Everyone's going to be wondering where we are." Will spoke.

"Yeah" I grabbed our shirts and jackets and I gave Will his, and put on mine. I checked myself out on the mirror on the wall. "You look hot don't worry." I blushed as my...... boyfriend said this.

We fixed ourselves up and when we were about to go back downstairs to the party the door slammed open. Will and I both jumped. In the doorway stood Hazel, Reyna, Percy, Jason, Annabeth, Piper, Cecil, Lou Ellen, Leo, this other guy and girl that I didn't recognize. Oh shit they were going to be so mad.

"What have you too been doing all this time!??!?" Jason hissed at us.

"I-we were....... " Will trailed off, looking at me. His eyes seemed to ask if we should tell them about us. I nodded at him, giving him the signal to tell our friends about......our relationship. About us officially dating now. About us being boyfriends.

"Look, we need to tell you guys something." Will said.

They eyed us curiously, as I walked over to Will and linked my hand with his. Everyone's eyes were wide with shock.

"Were dating" Will said happily.
I was too lazy and I just want to post this

This is so bad but whatever:

I was sitting on the sofa with my boyfriend, Will. We were watching some movie, I don't know what we were watching exactly. I was too busy looking at Will. Will and his mop of blond hair and his deep blue eyes.
      "What are you looking at me for?" Will asked with a huge grin on his face. "I wasn't looking at you." I said in defense.
          "Why you always lying, Nico? Huh?  See something you like?" he said confidently with that stupid grin on his face. But he looked so hot. Damn it.

"I, uh-"

          "So you do see something you like."Will smirked. He smirked. He fucking smirked.

       "Shut up Will!"

      "Fine, fine,  whatever you say babe." I felt the heat rise to my face. I know he noticed. He always notices.

       "You're blushing. Aw,  you look so adorable when you blush!" Will smiled.


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its like nico and will
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Guys I made this I've never been so proud of my self
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