every united states citizen can. start his own religion and if he.can politic.enough.to get praise from.superior maybe they can handle.responsibillitie..of.runing the country as a muslim.even.united states. we all should know modern day 19th century young man a my self know.about havong a first african american presidential.dictator. we hope to have our.flag with spain and italy which shall remain uniyed state allies with vital lumanaries to provid medicine. every black man has the right to a free screening on obama care if supporte of.civil rights movement and.disanle on social security. i love what illinois community.guidance got going.on and if every democratic.alderman supported it mor people qould respect this nation but our flag shall aris and be bright an the other two join on a great holiday countdown to the continent everybody been looking.for a way to shake.th president hand. why don..they ask for.mor independence.if the.economic.calamity came upon our nations thatwasnt.born.yet. we have many born unto.thos people then.brought to us and barely.make it to live.its too good to b true tha a young african muslim american brother cant soa with middle class famillies even the wealthy an poor on personal issues. more preperation for under.poveroshe..program social security disabillityis never unde poverty it is goin..to suceed and when a nation suceed our people suceed. we want that.

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