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Name: Plague Knight
Age: ???
Gender: Male
Powers: Potion throw, teleportation, hovering in place, creating slime clones
Affiliation: Evil, Order of No Quarter

Bio: I serve the Enchantress and experiment in the Explodatorium. I found a way point to other worlds, and the Order now wages war on the other universes, seeking to expand our control. (This is all I know based off the game, I'll update this once I play the Plague of Shadows DLC)

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1. No godmodding
2. No hentai/porn
3. Make a profile
4. Check to make sure canon characters are taken or not, if you plan on using one
5. Your OC character must relate to a video game in some way.
6. The Subspace Emissary is like the way-point between the video game universes

Profile set up:
Age (if known)
Affiliation (good, or bad, and if they're in any groups, IE: Evil, Koopa Kingdom)
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