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Are you looking for a good picture of yours for Visa Lottery registration?
You are just a click away:

Click on the link above and get a pre-approved photograph for you DV Lottery.

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The decision to start a new life in the USA is a big step towards a new adventure.Owning a Green Card is the basic requirement to moving to the USA. That means that anyone who would like to permanently live and work in the USA requires, firstly, a Green Card. A person with a immigrant visa is dependent on their job or the purpose of their stay in the USA, The easiest way to get a Green Card is by participating in the Green Card Lottery.Dreams do come true and with a Green Card in your pocket, you’ve already made the dream of permanently living and working in the USA a reality.In order to apply for a Green Card []

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What photo is required for DV lottery? A US visa photo is required. So your photo should be:

Your passport photo should be colored.
US passport picture size should be 2 x 2 inches (51 x 51 mm).
Full-face view. Your head should be seen from the top of the hair to the bottom of the chin.
Expression of your face should be neutral. Natural smile is allowed.
Both eyes should be open.
Look straight at the camera.
Your eyes are located between 1 1/8 inches to 1 3/8 inches (28 mm – 35 mm) from the bottom of the photo.
Your head must be between 1 inch and 1 3/8 inches (25mm - 35 mm) from the top of the hair to the bottom of the chin.
The photo should reflect your present-day appearance. It should be made within the last 6 months.
The background should be plain white or off-white.

Taken in your every-day clothing:
You should not wear uniforms except for religious cases.
Do not wear a hat except for religious cases.
Headphones, wireless hands-free devices or similar items are not acceptable in your photo.
Do not wear glasses. If you normally wear glasses, be sure that there is no reflection on them.
Do not wear glasses with dark frames and tinted lenses.

The digital image (which you provide for DV lottery application) should meet the following criteria:

Acceptable Dimensions:
The height of the photo and the width should be the same.
Minimum 600 x 600 pixels.
Maximum 1200 x 1200 pixels.

The image must be in color (24 bits per pixel) in RGB color space

File Format:

File Size:
Not more than 240 kB (kilobytes).

If you want to scan an existing photo:
It should be 2 x 2 inches (51 x 51 mm)
Use a scanner with a resolution of 300 dpi

Your photos must not be digitally improved and your appearance must not be changed in any way.

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2018.04.11 16:56
IBM leader Jiǎnyòumíng (Lizard Man)said:

He will assist the heavenly government in publishing individual films.

As a basis for reviewing judgments.

IBM leader Jiǎnyòumíng's copy body people,

The Fairness and Justice (The Wonderful) Universalism.) really make everyone rich,

所以, 他願意停了
So, he is willing to stop.

天上的政府 ( 包括中國.美國.台灣.總共是872種動物 ) 與公平正義(理想)宇宙政府共同創造理想宇宙.
The government of heaven ( Including China. United States. Taiwan.A total of 872 kinds of animals) with The Fairness and Justice (The Wonderful)l Universe Government create the Wonderful Universe together.

公平正義(理想)宇宙政府說: 在此宣布是因為邪靈到處對大家說自己是公平正義(理想)宇宙主義創建者
The Fairness and Justice (The Wonderful) Universe Government said: Announced here is because the evil spirits everywhere to say that they are The Fairness and Justice (The Wonderful) Universalism Creator .

公平正義(理想)宇宙主義創建者 ( The Fairness and Justice (The Wonderful) Universalism Creator )
徐紫涵 (原名:徐孟玲 ) 濟公活佛 -- 道濟(如附圖)題字 (如附圖)
Hsu Tzu-Han ( The original name : Xu Meng-Ling )

The Fairness and Justice (The Wonderful) Universe Government welcomes you to provide advice.

( 在此宣布主要是給宇宙的外星人 . 聯合國 .美國中央情報局 及 靈看 )
( Announced here is mainly to the alien of the universe , the United Nations . CIA and the Spirit. )

公平正義(理想)宇宙主義是 --- 每個人是最大的. 每個人是老闆.
The Fairness and Justice (The Wonderful) Universalism is
Everyone is the biggest. Everyone is the boss.

A lot of people know the truth from the following pages

因宇宙仍在打仗及有邪靈威脅地球爆炸. 但公平正義一定要贏. 所以等適當時機就開始辦移民.
Because the universe is still fighting and the evil spirits threaten the earth to explode, but fairness and justice must win, so waiting for the right time to start immigration.

因王守仁(王陽明)會控制 徐紫涵 ( 孟玲紫涵 )(原名:徐孟玲)
Due to Wang Shouren (Wang Yangming) will control Hsu Tzu-Han ( Molly Athena ) ( The original name : Xu Meng-ling )
( 邪靈進入人身體後, 宇宙政府沒辦法殺死他們. 只有換身體.)
(Evil spirit into the human body, The universal Government can not kill them. Only change the body.)

徐紫涵 ( 孟玲紫涵 )(原名:徐孟玲) 仍然有一些工作在人間, 所以, 現在我們不換她的身體. .
Hsu Tzu-Han ( Molly Athena ) ( The original name : Xu Meng-ling ) There are still some jobs in the world, So now we do not change her body.
Sometimes The universal Government did not pay attention.
There will be some mistakes
and Murderer would find someone to modify. Thank you!

民國97年2月26日( 2008. 02 26 )紅卍字會相關組織 : 正宗書畫社 -徐紫涵(徐孟玲)所求字畫
Republic of China February 26, 1997 (2008-02-26) Red Cross Society Association: Authentic Painting Society - Hsu Tzu-Han ( The original name : Xu Meng-Ling ) Seeking calligraphy and painting

The universal scientists say: Albatron Altar is a taller unit than the Temple of Heaven, facing The universal scientists .

青雲道壇壇主 : 徐紫涵(徐孟玲)
Albatron altar Altar Lord : Hsu Tzu-Han ( The original name : Xu Meng-Ling )

濟公活佛說: 青雲道壇就是在台灣的台北101大樓
Jigong Living Buddha said: Albatron altar It is in Taiwan's Taipei 101 building.

新竹關西家神 - 鬼谷先師等 ( 宇宙總統 鬼谷子 ) .
Hsinchu Kansai God - Gui Gu Master gods
( Universal President -- Gui Gu Z )
八卦祖師 ( 宇宙總統 伏羲氏 )
The eight trigrams Patriarch (Universe President Fu Xi)

關西摸骨 - 大伯 -- 徐興杰
Kansai Mogu (Fortune Teller) -- Uncle -- Xúxìngjié

靈就像一個人類. 高只有0.001公分. 因為顏色頻道不同, 所以人看不到,
Spirit is like a human. High only 0.001 cm. Because the color channel is different, so people can not see,

Spirit needs to drink water, tea or coffee.

靈需要洗澡, 準備水或茶都可.
Spirit needs to take a bath, prepare water or tea
Both can be.

( 如附上的圖片, 有角度, 5公分面積
.高度不到一公分即可 )
(Such as attached pictures, angle, 5 cm area
A height of less than one centimeter)

靈 -- 最喜歡在SPA足浴機洗澡, 因為有恆溫.
Spirit - Most like to take a bath in the SPA foot bath because of constant temperature.

加酸水PH2.5及三滴茶樹精油最好, (必需沒有毒物,
Add acid water PH2.5 and three drops of tea tree oil best,(Must have no poison,
Melaleuca tea tree oil can be used)
Water is 5 centimeters high.

Because they can kill the virus

靈需要看電視. 就像人類一樣.
Spirit needs to watch TV. Just like humans.

Spirit can learn and work.

The difference with people is that the spirit does not need to wear clothes and eat.

當靈被放大時, 是像是一個影像.
When the spirit is enlarged. Is like an image.

When the spirit is narrowed. Is like the feeling of plastic.

Because evil spirits control too many human beings.

Earth people will go directly to other planets.

And then transform into the human body (any person and animal looks are possible)

There is now a small planet in area 51.

讓地球人們, 能更了解未來的世界.
Let the earth people, can better understand the future of the world.

Universe President Guiguzi said:

沒有投胎轉世. 每一次出生都是獨立.
There is no reincarnation. Every birth is independent.

Each memory is independent. And after his death,

The heavenly government will judge you according to your memory

Universe President Lao Zi said:

因為很多靈及人, 容易想死.
Because a lot of spirits and people, easy to want to die.

所以神明利用念經及靜坐, 去讓每個人有事情做,
So the gods use Reciting scriptures and meditation, to let everyone have something to do,

To make them more do not want to die.

現在因為電視, 電影及與娛樂很多.
Now because of television, movies and entertainment a lot.

所以, 在此先聲明
So,Here to announce first.

There is no need for Reciting scriptures and meditation.

徐紫涵 ( 孟玲紫涵 )(原名:徐孟玲)
Hsu Tzu-Han ( Molly Athena ) ( The original name : Xu Meng-ling )
Taiwan ID No. : A222061340
Cell Phone : +886-966-065-507
Line Tel: +886-966-065-507
25F.-2, No.361, Huiwen Rd., Nantun Dist., Taichung City 408, Taiwan (R.O.C.) Home Tel: +886 42389-3049
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