Hey Guys,
after testing the DEV-Version I would like to go back to the official Version of Marshmallow.
But if follow the explanations of the the Xperia Companion I get the error (German):
"Softwarereparatur fehlgeschlagen
Beim Reparieren Ihres Geräts ist ein Fehler aufgetreten.
Bitte versuchen Si es erneut.
Fehlercode: UEUpdateFailed
It was on the step after switching it off and switching it on with holding down the volume down button while connect it to the cable/pc.

I tried it serveral time, rebooted the Notebook and the mobile, used another usb-cable (without USB-hub).

I hope you can help me. The Sony Xperia developer Support was contacted but I don't receive an answer antil now.

Thank you very much!

Hey! Ich habe gerade die Dev-Version von Android N für mein Z3 geladen und bin fürs Erste recht begeistert. Eine Frage: Was passiert nach der Entwicklung? Das Z3 soll ja nicht versorgt werden...
Schöne Restwoche!

How to Xperia z3 developer prewiew 5 Update?


Ich habe gestern diese Beta-Version auf mein Z3 installiert...Alles funktionierte nicht so gut wie ich es erwartet hätte...Ist jetzt aber auch nicht so wichtig...Deswegen bin ich wieder auf Android M umgestiegen.
Jetzt kann mein Handy meine SD-Karte nicht mehr erkennen?
Woran liegt das jetzt?

Dankeschön voraus!

Hello guys,

I have downloaded this Beta-Version and all in one...everything worked perfectly.
But there is one problem!
I cannot open Apps like Snapchat or Facebook...it closed automically.
Have someone the same problem?

Thank you.

Hi guys. I have installed the developer preview 4 a few weeks ago. Yesterday i found out that the final developer preview 5 is out. After a bit of browsing I found some information that our phone (Xperia Z3) will not be receiving the developer preview 5 and that the 4 will be the final that we will be able to get. Is that confirmed and has anyone of you successfully managed to install developer preview 5?

Good Evening,

is it normal that Hangout is really slowly? I needs up to 15 seconds between send the message and showing it at the Hangout.

Support Ingress Muktiwindow? I have installed in the past preview 3 and that was not possible. Any changes?

Can I install it on my daily driver or is it too laggy?

How do you return the Z3 to stock android?
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