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Information about the next Google Innovator Academy in London or Sweden in 2019. There is a Webinar this Wednesday and if you are/not available then please complete the attached form for more information.

Closing date for applications for the Academy is in April and you need to hold a valid Google Educator Level 2 qualification. (Mine runs out before then so I will be renewing mine too!)


Is anyone aware of reliable, free plugins for Google Classroom that allow start/plenary type activities?
I have been asked to find something similar to bookwidgets (but for free)
Any ideas appreciated

I would like to conditionally format cells so that they automatically change colour depending on whether a student is working at, below, above their target grade (entered into a different cell). Is there any way of making this happen?




I am looking for a reliable tool to sync Google Admin/ Google Classroom with SIMS - to create the classrooms and populate students.
I have seen a few online but would appreciate recommendations (free is preferred, but a paid one is possible)

Thank you

Does anyone know of a way to set an organisation-wide default submission time for assignments set in Google Classroom? The default is 11:59PM which means students get a notification 24 hours before, however, I would much rather the default set to 8:30AM (the school day start time), so that the reminder arrives at a more appropriate time. I do appreciate that the time can be adjusted manually for each assignment, but this relies on the teacher using this function, whicih they don't.

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Any one in the GEG Uk group attending the London Teacher Summit?

Has anyone been able to pull out data from the classroom API on the amount of tasks a student has been set?

Can anyone teach me how to insert two different charts for a set of data on google sheet?

So I see that the G+ notifications widget in GMail, Drive and elsewhere is going away in March - that's a shame, because it was really useful as an unobtrusive way of seeing that you had something to catch up on without that something being explicitly revealed, which is not always desirable on a shared or classroom setting.


We're trying to figure a way of having a live working feedback log in Google that students keep throughout the year. Ideally, this would be set up as an assignment. It would be great to be able to 'push' tables and templates to all of these assignments at once. Is there a way of doing this? Alternatively, could we use a form each time but get all the data from the form to update a master document for each student? Could this master doc be an assignment?

Lots of questions but hoping someone else already has a system in place!
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