hey guys I'm getting back into gaming videos 110%

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Best gaming montage ever!!!

I think I will be making a new channel for all my Mario kart TV videos that were originally on MegaKneeSlappers2. The name is going to be MKS TV and it will be launching soon. For future Mario Kart and other games (with the same feature) videos. I will be releasing a video on MegaKneeSlappers explaining it.

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Don't forget to check out Mario Kart 8 on MegaKneeSlappers2.

Sorry about the wait but we have to set everything up for the Starbound Hardcore, Terraria Survival, and maybe Minecraft Easycore.

Soon hopefully we will start with getting the group together for Starbound Hardcore and maybe later Terraria Survival.

What should I do as a starter world for my desktop minecraft game? super flat hardcore, default normal, lots of biomes creative, etc. (btw, the game might not work)

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