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Hello Everyone!

If you are going to ISTE in San Antonio, please stop by the Games & Sims Network events and say hi or hang out. We do have events every day.

We're doing the Mobile Megashare, the Community Network, River Walk Photo Quest, Game Night, Escape the Ordinary Playground and the EduMachinima Fest.

There are 2 RSVP events.
Monday Game Night 530 pm
This is an informal social where you can either play games or take a look at the games that others are playing. Low key and friendly.

Tuesday EduMachinima Night 545 pm
Machinima is the screen-capture of games and show up as videos on YouTube. We'll be watching some of the best and also the most popular.

We hope to see you in San Antonio.

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Esteemed fellow G Suite for EDU admins, have you seen OneLogin's news about data breach? If you use OneLogin for your SSO solution, it's time to get moving.

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My middle school is in the process of planning a one semester technology applications course to be taught next year for 6th grade students. We have noticed big gaps in student skills in many/most of the ISTE-NETS and in skills for productivity despite our efforts to support teachers using tech as a tool in content area instruction.

We have a teacher in mind for the course that will need A LOT of professional development and support if the kids are to learn what they need. I am putting together a professional development plan that the teacher will be responsible for completing prior to the beginning of school next year. We are a 1:1 iPad school and have been a GAFE district for a long time. The training needs to be self-paced and online.

We are contemplating the ISTE Digital Pathways 3 Course Bundle- . Does anyone have any experience with the one course that they have already launched? We are also expecting her to complete the Google Training Center Certification, Educator Level 1 and Educator Level 2. She is also attending the ISTE conference this summer. Any suggestions for sessions would also be appreciated. Thanks for reading this long request!

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Microsoft Leadership Courses
If you are an instructional leader who wants to continue growing, then mark your calendar to participate in these  free K-12 Education Leadership  online courses available in January, 2017. With the goal to drive systemic change and improve education, these...

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Happy New Year!
I have been given the go ahead to start a coding club at our school for 6th-8th graders. We had a lot of interest when the kids did HOC in early December. I want to give the kids some choice in the projects we do. They enjoyed creating with Tynker, and many of the kids started using other HOC tutorials.

I am looking for some advice on how to structure a once a week after school (1 hour) club. Everything I've found is pretty canned and application specific. Our school is also 1:1 iPad so Scratch isn't an option.

We have access to some Parrot minidrones, Dash and Dot, one Ozobot, and 12 Sphero robots.

I want to have a plan and structure so the club doesn't turn into a madhouse but i'd like to let the kids have some choice in what we do.

The kids have all started with block coding.

These are the ideas that I have for the sequence of activities/lessons:

1. Tynker- Start with Game Elements Component for controller basics
2. Tynker- Utilize the Parrot mini drones and the Tynker tutorials for the drones (simple first then ending with Air Controller) Parrot has some curriculum.
3. Tickle Airborne Cargo (for moving towards text coding with Swift)
4. Tickle Sphero (text coding with Swift)
5. iTunesU Swift course

I know it seems like a lot. I may need to have two days a week!

Let me know what you think and if you have any suggestions!


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FYI - Technology Leadership Summit: Security taking place this Friday, 12/9/16 at TCEA location! Find out more at

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Out in Space, Down to Earth-STEM educator conference will be held on Saturday, February 25th. They are currently looking for presenters. Find out more via the attached link.

Are any of you using SketchUp in your school district? Please share your experiences!
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