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Hello everyone! For those who misplace their posts, here's the guidelines to fixing it.

-If you think your post may be in the incorrect location, alert a Moderator or Owner.

-Inform them of where the post is.

-The Mod or Owner will move it to the correct location shortly after.

That's all you need to do! If you think you misplaced something, let us know! :3

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Damn, that punch....
Animated Photo

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What some people probably thought when first seeing the HDD forms (Maybe not with such a lewd face, but I dunno)

It really pisses me off when I get abused on my own posts for no fucking reason...

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Two things:
1. If I could describe the goddesses' new "Chaos" forms in two words: Holy shit
2. Again, I don't know why she's staring at me but I should probably watch my ass

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This amv was just....perfect, love the song as well.....
Breaking Benjamin - Dance with the devil

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So, I was playing clash Royale and my partners name is nepu

(Sorry if this isn't HDN related)

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I’m thinking of changing into Rom or Uni, but I don’t know which one to choose.....
Who should I change to...?
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+Andrew Pappas I wonder why Neptune is staring at you like that.....
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