Got to go to a special screening of Star Trek Into Darkness and holy crap was it awesome!

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If you're a modern-day kinda person, chances are you've at least heard of this thing called "video games". If you're like us, you're a complete fan. If you're like one of us, you started a website from the idea that you could share your vast collection of classic video games as a video library; a digital museum, if you will.

This is 4kYeah's vast and growing list of gameplay videos. This is Pick up and Play. This is four friends playing games, live and unscripted.

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Are you into anime? Do you suspect you might be an otaku, or perhaps a weeaboo? If so, check out the reviews from 4kYeah's "AnimApril" month of anime reviews that recently wrapped up! We've got a little somethin' retro, a little something popular, and a few somethings underground.

We only plan out our videos in the rare case of a theme month. Most days, we throw a (figurative) dart at the wall and decide what to review based on that. So if anyone out there in Internet Land has an idea or request for something for us to review, let us know! Jurassic Park? Thor? Evil Dead? Obscure horror films or weird arthouse films? Just demand we review it, and chances are you'll see it sooner rather than later.
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