(I sent this to my mum)

Sleeping under the couch. I my dream it started like a movie about an asylum and whatnot. When it came back to me i was like "oh so is this that movie dream where someone goes to a place and we go to get them but it turns out the place is creepy and bad? Ok, I'll play along." then I just walked around pretending everything was normal. Something told be to look for the ferrets and keep them with me but I didn't do it. I just know that whenever I went in the kitchen, in the corner of my eye in the kitchen I saw Outlaw laying on a paint bucket with his eyes closed and I saw Sheriff's legs in the blue pan. I assumed that they were sleep. I just kept looking and looking. When I couldn't "find" them, I went up to the pan and felt Outlaw, he was cold. Then I looked in the pan and saw that only Sheriff's legs were in there, not her body. I started looking around for her and whiskey. Bug said she found her laying the middle of the floor and she gave her to me but she was cold too. I started screaming, crying and having a panic attack. I called you and you went to go find out who did it. Then Amir came down while you were out in the hallway by the back porch. When he saw me crying at the ferrets being dead, he tried to make a run for it. I stopped him and tried to fight him. I was doing good at first but sinceni was still having an anxiety attack, they started to not do much. He kept grabbing my boobs and kept molesting me. I kept screaming for you to help me. When you came in to help me, Shawn grabbed your head and tried to kill you. I woke up before he did.

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i had this wild fucking dream last night it was a goddamn danganronpa x scooby doo crossover
touko got murdered so people were going to investigate about her murder and fred said we should split up and fucking exploded

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Recently I dreamed that I was at work -- I work at a low-end hotel -- and I was wearing my Pac-Man shirt and smoking a joint in the office when my manager walked into the room and caught me. I was mortified and he told me to come to his office with him. In the dream I was panicking and it struck me that his reaction was a little off. I knew I'd never smoke a joint at work and somehow I became aware that I was dreaming. As we walked to the office I noticed that everything around me was starting to look smaller and smaller, and I said something to my boss, who turned around and gaped at me as I grew. Next thing I knew the hotel was only shin-high. I was able to reach down and pluck my now bug-sized former superior from the ground with two fingers, and I dangled him upside-down in front of my gloriously inappropriate Pac-Man shirt. I pulled on the joint and blew a plume of pot smoke at him, and when I asked him if he still felt like giving me orders, he panicked and ran right out of my hand, falling like an insect into the pool. Two tiny police cruisers pulled up outside and I leaned down to put my joint out on the closest one. Tiny cops raced out of the miniature car and scurried away from my feet, and then I started growing again, and as the city dwindled beneath me, I woke up. I decided to Photoshop it to see how it would look.
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I this dream that is either already an anime or somebody needs to make it an anime for me. Its almost like Charlotte. Anyways, the parts that I can remember is that, for as long as recorded history, there were humans who were born with special powers that were their strongest during adolescent and teenage years. Then, once the Catholic church came into power, these people that were once sacred were marked as witches and were massacred. Men, women, children, even babies who were born to these people. Despite the witch hunts dying away, people with powers were hunted down to extinction. Until the modern time. Groups of children had suddenly developed powers in the last ten years and some adults have too. Many were killed or abandoned by their families while others were forced to suppress their powers until they were forgotten.

A lot of my dream is a Blur since I don't really know how it started, I just know that I was the main male character. He found a group of kids in his school (about five people) who had discovered they had powers years ago. They had secretly made rescue system to save those with powers who were under attack or were in distress, moving them to a "Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children" like place where children and adults with powers were kept safe when their environment is marked unsafe. As far as I knew, I didn't have powers but I still wanted to help. One of the main people in charge, a guy whose name I don't remember who was a high school senior, had started to pull a Magneto and used his powers to harm normal people. He had the typical tragic back story to justify it. He had the power to mimic powers, counter them, and control a large amount of people and animals. Due to the overuse and build up of his powers, he had started to turned into a demon like thing. He wanted the lead girl of our group to marry so they both could take over. The girl had super strength. I somehow knew that she had the ability to heighten the strength of powers for up to five people. She couldn't control it. She was also either a fallen angel or the child of two angels but she didn't know. I somehow knew. Anyway, people with powers and regular people were getting hurt the more she refused to marry this guy. So she decoded to give in and go. We tried to stop her but she trapped us somewhere. One of the people in our group had a super screech that could destroy walls, a guy who knew the location of any person and animal, and a guy or girl who could run at the speed of sound and was getting faster with every run. They picked us up and ran to the girl who left. In mid air, she grabbed me and broke my left arm and my right leg. I instinctively pushed her away but the force sent her flying over a rail and into the water. We argued. The guy said that she was trying to keep us safe, I pointed out that she broke my limbs, how is that keep us safe.

I woke up when the mind controlled police found her.

I had the weirdest dream. I had three markers, a pink on with an orange cap, a green one with a yellow cap, and a blue one with a green cap. I started running water in my bathroom sink (which doesn't have a plug in real life and in my dream) then started to put them in one by one. When I checked the (for some reason dirty) water, they weren't in there. I kept the water running but took the pipes apart without tools. I sat and waited for the markers to fall out while an abundance of chapstick, small toys, and other markers came out. After the three markers came out, I used the water coming down the pipe to reconnect them. I turned off the water, lay the markers sideways in the sink, then turned the water back on. It was weird. Any idea what it means?

In my dream, I was going through the most scariest version of Scream when I've never even seen the movie! People were getting killed all around me. Either I screamed or tried to scream and I started choking. I tried to get whatever was in my mouth out. I spit in a hotel sink and it was nothing but blood that came out. I put my fingers in my mouth and pulled out a giant clump of meat that was really my insides. I started to cry but then more blood and meat/guts came up and kept clogging my throat or my mouth. I woke up when I fell down a flight of stairs and died. Even awake I keep feeling like I'm going to throw up blood and my insides. What does my dream mean?

I had a dream that I found a white kitten while at college. Shawn went to the same one with me. The kitten grew up and gave birth to another white kitten. Shawn then wanted a kitten too and he found one. Its was white on its belly and had black, brown, and orange fur on its back. (Also we saw a dead orange kitten just laying on snow of the windshield of a car earlier in my dream). Shawn loved this kitten to death and it was literally just born or at at least a couple days old because it still had an umbilical cord. Shawn was showing me and anther person the kitten when he said "stop eating worms". The kitten was still alive but was infected with worms because they kept coming out of its mouth. As soon as I said that, Shawn put it in a trashbag and wanted me to throw the kitten away but someone else grabbed the bag and was gonna throw it away instead 

i dreamed that i was buried alive in muffins. all the muffins were shouting SOMEBODY KILL ME

Okay so my most recent dream. So I dreamed that I was shouting at my cat for no reason. Then the cat's eyes went purple and it started screeching like it was summoning demons. When it finished it's eyes went normal and it meowed.
Me: "Whatever fuck this."
My cat: (in a deep voice that sounded like Markiplier) "well fuck you"

I just had a dream where I (I was apparently in Virginia with you and Nana and going to school) had gotten hurt and went to the school nurse. They had a doctor there. I stay in the the bed had there over night then left. The doctor kept calling me back there a bunch of times saying there was something he had to do for me and as soon as I was in there, I felt tired and sick. There was another person there and I had a crush on him (while at the same time I was doing the do with the doctor cause sexy). You and Nana popped up and yelled at the doctor demanding to know why he kept calling me to come in. Then you and Nana stayed to see what was wrong then left. I then walked into this room where a bunch of people were sisltting around, watching TV and just having sex randomly in other rooms. I sat on a couch. There were so many guys. They were saying they liked me and that I was cool so I was just accepted as part of the group. I saw JB there and he was surprised. He was freaking out saying that he was scared because Shawn was in Virginia looking for me. I told him I knew because Nana said the same thing earlier. I told JB not to tell Shawn I was there. I then heard Shawn coming up the stairs and I ran. I ran through a bunch of doors and rooms (the rooms were full of people having sex) and ended up in one room where there were two giant hot tubs. I quickly turned away and tried to get out but all the doors looked alike. A girl in had caught me just as I found the door. When we got out, I kept apologizing and whatnot. She was like "give me a good reason why I shouldn't beat your ass for being nosy". I gave her one reason and before I could give her the other, Shawn, JB, and some other guy were speed walking through carrying suitcases full of money. Shawn was like "damnit Saints". The girl said "girl, yo hey Shawn" then she walked away. As soon as the guys left, the swat came in with Ice T. They were looking for Shawn and the guys. I ran for a bit but stopped as I threw up. Then I woke up.

A lot of my dreams are sent to my mom before hand btw. Also I put this in soft because nothing to crazy happened.
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