When will the game schedule be published?

Today starts our 3-Day Weekend Pass giveaway.

This year, we are giving away TWO weekend passes.

Go to the Rafflecopter App on our website (http://1d4con.com/#giveaway) or on our Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/1d4Con/app/228910107186452/) and enter for your chance to win.

With the Rafflecopter App, you can do any of the following to gain entries into the drawing:
- Visit 1d4Con on Facebook
- Follow 1d4Con on Twitter
- Tweet a pre-defined message once a day (may be done multiple times)

Anyone interested in splitting a vendor table? I am looking to sell my two novels, but I also want to run/play in some games.

If interested, drop me a line.

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1d4Con 2017 Game Submissions are now open!

Have a game or a couple of games that you want to bring to 1d4Con this year?

Regardless of whether it's a Board game, Card game, Miniatures game, or a tabletop RPG; let us know by submitting it here:


Just wanted to let everyone in the group know that +MAGFest is happening this weekend in National Harbor, MD.

It is a weekend full of video gaming, music, and panels. I also believe that Pathfinder Society of DC and Baltimore will be running several sessions in the tabletop gaming area.

If you have the time, check it out. Totally worth it!

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The publisher for Adventures in Filbar has contacted 1d4Con to inquire if we have any DM/GMs that wish to run a game but do not have one to do for our 2017 convention.

He is willing to write a game, supply pre-gen characters, and send a variety of swag. He would also accept the emails of players from the convention to send them a complimentary copy of the adventure once posted for sale. He asks only that the DM/GMs send him feedback on how the game was received and pictures to post to our Twitter account (@FilbarRPG).

To find out more about Adventures in Filbar, find his published products on DriveThru RPG: http://www.drivethrurpg.com/bro…/…/5839/Adventures-in-Filbar

If interested, please contact me and I will provide the form he wants to be filled out and sent back.

Does anyone on here have an Artemis Bridge license and is willing to run it at 1d4Con 2017? Let me know.

When does preparation for the 1d4 Con begin?

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Shadowrun: Anarchy, which is a new way to play Shadowrun, is now available:


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1d4Con is a 5th year RPG convention, put on by fans for fans. Events usually include Tabletop RPGs, LARPs, Miniature Games, Board Games and Card Games. Sometimes we add smaller events like videos, ARTEMIS, and other gaming when available.

Typically we host a slew of tables for D&D Adventurers League, Pathfinder Socety, Greyhawk Reborn, Shadowrun Missions, and a myriad of other traditional and indie games.

Our website (http://1d4con.com/) is being upgraded for next year's event and we will be using Warhorn.net to schedule games and host preregistration.

Please invite your interested friends to this event for news purposes. If you are not already a subscriber to our newsletter, please sign up at our website.
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