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Please check them out! They're awesome!!! Support the series!!!

I wish they would do another survival series... I miss those. Oh and any Xeraingaming series to recommend?

be nice if danny made more videos on heymrdanny channel tbh i like getting to know him like not just playing games 247

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this is a screen shot of andre in sky survival. PS it looks like he is shaking his butt!!!

Oooh Xeraingaming community :) my faves are Epic minecraft project and shizzle and of course survival island modded

I was invited!? ACCEPTED! ^-^

Honestly, why so little people in this community?

Xeraingaming sucks its the worst game in the world

Idk y so many people r obsessed with sky xeraingaming is so much better :/

Do you think that people should be worried about the grieving on the server?
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