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Name: Avery Jasmine Addams

Birthday: April 25th,2004

Age: 11

Year: 2nd (this year)

House: Gryffindor

Broom: Nimbus 2001

Home: Godric's Hollow

Wand: Cedar wood with a phoenix feather core that is12 ¾" in length while being quite bendy flexibility

Instruments I love to play:
Acoustic Gutair

Taking Risks
Coloring. ( I'm still a kid deal with it )
MUSIC 🎧🎼🎵🎶🎹🎻🎺🎷🎸🎤
Learning new spells

Quidditch Postion: Beater 1

Muggle sports:
All star cheerleading (Flyer)

Mean people
Potions ( So complicated ya know you can easily get messed up on it. )

Patronus: A mink

Pet: My snowy owl Snowflake!
Kitten named Aureole from Bradely.

BFF: Bradely,Jake,Russ, and Tessa.

BF: Bradely Grey

Crush: No.....(Bradely Grey)

Blood Status: Pure but I don't brag about it like some people. I believe everyone is equal just look everyone together in one school that'so something we should celebrate.

Bio: There's not really much to tell besides my mother was a Hufflepuff and my father Gryffindor. They both work at home because they are authors in the non fiction section. Oh and every holiday break we go to United States of America and hang out with muggles because its fun. My life is pretty much boring after that due to being a younger child. Mom (chaser for hufflepuff) and dad (Beater for Gryffindor) both played quidditch. Older sister Teresa who is in Ravenclaw.

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Name: Ember Weasley-Malfoy
Age: 15
Bday: July 6
House: Slytherin
Wand: Birch wood, 10 inches, unicorn hair core, non-flexible
Personality: sassy, smart, likes to prove people wrong, show-off
Hobbies: Writing, dance
Trying to be: a popular Slytherin
Patronus: lepoard
Appearance: average height and build, grey/silver-dyed hair, pale, minimal makeup, grey eyes
Blood Status: Pureblood

((Note: She is a long-lost family member related to the Malfoy family, but there is a long back story about her heritage that I wrote fanciction about a long time ago))

Avery had her bags all packed and ready to go for the summer she made her trio of friends to write over the summer since she would be in The United States visiting her grandmother. She gave Bradely the address so they could visit each other by Floo Powder along with her other friends incase any of them got bored. She carried her kitten and owl in their carriers heading to the station. 

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