Any single stright girls out there wanna chat with me? If so hmu anytime on HangOuts, Telegram, Animo, and Discord. :3 Also new here.

Hello there! My real name is Steven, and I am looking for a girl that is patient enough to wait for three years, when I graduate from high school, for me to travel to their state, get a house and live with them. I am 15 years old, my birth day is April 19th. I am very naughty when it comes to jokes, I am into video games, and soon, I am gonna be doing YouTube stuff. I will be as affectionate as I can, since we are only able to do so much with just texting over google hangouts and shit. I am only into girls, just saying so then I don't get hit up by a dude XD. I am learning how to speak French, not that good, but getting better. I hope I can get a really good girl on here. One I can truly love. I am fine if you want to take the relationship slow, fast, any speed, I am fine with.

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Any scalies out there interested in being in a poly amorous with myself, a submissive 17 year old almost 18 male dragon (Kasai) and a 19 year old male switch, we are looking for a scalie that lives in the USA, is between the ages of 18 and 25 and is caring, loving and protective and is willing to be with two other people.

Need a gay dominant dragon for a assimilation roleplay~

Anyone single 18 or up pp or hangouts if interested

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Name: Ace
Age: 14
Gender: Male!
Seuaility: Gay!
Dislikes: DEATH
Bio: Too long to explain.

Sorry, I had forgot to say that I am new too! ^-^

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Name: Dustin Dreemurr
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Bi
Likes: Twenty One Pilots, Video Games, Making videos, singing, pop to rock songs
Dislikes: Being Cold, Someone trying to hurt other people or themselves.
Bio: Hello! I am Dustin. And you are? Well. Nice to meet you. I am currently 15, Next year. 16. And thats about me. Nothing else

Anyone single 18 or up

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