(I want this academy back dammit!!!!, I'd I dont respond I'm at work) Felix is strolling the grounds of LGA after disappearing for a long, long time.

+Glace Mel. A. if you read this delete this place it is no longer needed

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Name: Emiko Arcane

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Straight

Species: Neko

Age: 21

Likes: Sweet Malasada, being with her family, walking through the forest, being around animals,listening to music

Dislikes: being around lots of people, being the center of attention, spicy foods

Powers: Can heal extremely fast if the wound isn't too big (like a hole in her stomach or something), and she is an expert gunman

Weakness: Being surrounded by people she doesn't know. Shes really shy and timid so she freezes up if she's surrounded by people she doesnt know

Theta walks up in grey robes as he slowly lowers his hood and revealing his Grey Fedora as well his Absolic horn whilst he slowly looks down at the halls in front of him as he silently looks at a picture of two people and looks back up just as he arrives at a door as he exhales and looks down grabbing the handle as he slowly opens it and steps throughout the halls with ease as Theta grabs an umbrella from under his robes placing it the tip against the ground only slightly aiding him in walking while he approaches rooms and places seemingly invisible within his own right whilst his little medallion of a 'Cipheric Triangle' whilst he takes a breath before finally speaking in a hollowed emotionless voice "I wonder where the have gone and become.." whilst he looks throughout rooms and the halls (Open RP)

Mizuki is standing on top of the building and tries a thing called the shadow run
(Open Rp)

Glace approaches the forest with black empty eyes and a cold aura, smiling

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Name: Spice
Species: Jolteon/Human
Gender: Female
Dislikes: Being left alone XD
Likes:Books and making things!
Personality: Shy at first, but after awhile she meets mostly everyone, she becomes a people person and very talkative
Sexuality: Straight
Bio: Unknown

I feel like killing things, this is non canon- Felix is getting drunk

Felix is twirling a knife (warning he is very very evil in this rp and this is canon but all characters will be ressurected)

cucumber is roaming the gardens
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