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Dear Sir,

We are setting up "Industry Resource Center" (BKIT + Trade Hose) (G20 0 KM Platform) for capturing upcoming business opportunities due to infrastructure development under CPEC, covering:

i. Professional services BKIT (Banks/Investment companies, Knowledge shop - R&D org/Universities, ICT/IT Co, Training) under one roof for 7 potential sectors in particular for SME's by taking relevant organizations on board.
ii. Networking with overseas Pakistanis for association; as professionals and investors (partner or collaborators).
iii. Trade house by taking 7 potential sectors G20 based equipment manufacturers on board as collaborators or partners.

The presentation with video description at link below is attached.

Looking forward to hear from your side.
Cell/Whatsapp: 0092-300-8461297

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O inventor Paulo Gannam dá uma palinha sobre um de seus projetos automotivos ao Programa "RoadCast" do Autos Giros, do jornalista Daniel Lunardi Jacques. Disponível a partir de 10min:48seg.


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O futuro da comunicação entre motoristas pode estar neste projeto brasileiro. Projeto depende de adoção de montadoras:

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