The Judge of the science fair at Universiy of Houston. Yes,Yes you must have heard of the high schools had competition on who is the best in perception.
The skill set was there and they prepared. When they met me they knew they
we're on center stage, why did you pick this one.I wanted if they owned it. They
were amazing. Another wonderful day at University of Houston! "Go Coogs!"

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We have a brand new year! Will we find more people who meditate will be more hospitable
than your friends and enemies who call themselves Christians? When chaos is one of your gods, how can you tell me about love? Ask NOR, who was the young lady who asked, "Why do the USA schools teach children to forget their history and , "Jewish Children " to remember? Is that one-sided American- Education?

When you speak , do you speak as if your listener hears your tone or your voice? Many
people from America speak as if you know they have " No One Greater Than Their Position in Heaven or Hell! Who do they ever answer to? Just like Hitler and Stalin when you add agreeable Allies you rule the World.
You keep banking and finance . They can have
production projects and Interior. Look where your skill set brings for you .Know your mind set subscribe to this.It will get you launched.

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When you are in a wheel chair you will feel afraid, so what! When you get you are in troubled and people will or will not help you.
"What-cha gonna do? Come on bigman or bigwoman, where do we go from here? If you were ever in a uniform for the U.S.A. you may
also have god's blessing. Let's roll into clinic
3 at our Veterans Medical Center. When you
enter this facility you may be amazed at the grandeur of the place. You will present your military is and last four. You are closer to the
journey of your recovery.Please, smile and work past your pain to be pleasant to those who will smile back and say how can we help you today? You are a member of the " Clark Community" where people who work their smiles and kindness right will get loving care and be on your way home. No, it may not be home today, can you wait and ask your doctor or nurse? Ask John he has been there !
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