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Yet more Postcard acquisitions - this time of the Belgian army in the period just before the First World War
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Field Of Battle once more 'The Garde Au Feu' scenario
Another outing for FOB2 today using the same battlefield as last game but with scenario (adapted again from GDB) this time having French Guard attacking the villages in Gross-Goschern area to wrest them from the Prussians and Russians. Another simply super ...

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Issue number 113 of our Society Magazine, " The Foreign Correspondent" is now out.
- The Night Action at Podol, Austro-Prussian War, 26 June 1866
- The Assault on the Trocadero – French intervention in Spain, 31 August 1823
- 150 Years Ago – Flat Figures for The Battle of Koniggratz, Austro-Prussian War
- The Incident at San Giovanni de Meude, Italo-Turkish War, 5 October 1911
- Ed Mueller’s Danish Army of the 1st Schleswig-Holstein War – 28mm Danish Dragoons and Foot Guards
- The Organisation and Movements French 33rd Infantry Regiment of the Line – From the Fall of the 1st Empire (Part 1)
If you would like to read more - why not join the Society:


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Some new picture acquisitions. They are on thin card and postcard sized but lack the usual postcard format on the reverse.
According to the pencil note on the back they are supposedly uniforms from the 1870's, but from the Infantry uniform I would have said 1859.
I would be interested if anyone in the community has seen more of these
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The conclusion of the Battle of Seven Pines. The action of June 1, 1862.

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Some Before I Was A Marshal action at Cold Steel 2017, a game day our local wargaming group held at The Gamer's Armoury in Cary, NC, USA.

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