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#FloridaRealEstateProceed   #RentalNightmare   #PatriciaCarr   #LouiseAbercrombie   #StealYourMoney   #UnlivableConditions   #NightmareInFlorida  Proceed with caution, when renting with this person. She is also has her Realtor's license. Grievances have been filed with the Board of Realtors, BBB, Florida State Real Estate Commission and other paths are also being explored. A Civil Suit will be filed as well for reimbursement of ALL expenses as well as Rent monies paid.
Here is Her Story, I Pray that no one else ever experiences the same:
I rented a home from Patricia Carr... One of their realtors. Three years ago I almost died. I am autistic, I have fibromyalgia, spina bifida and asthma no to mention other health problems. I was very sick over 300 lbs, on a lot of pills in and out of the hospital. My family was waiting to tell me goodbye. We decided to move to Arizona to get my health better as I was a medical marijuana refugee.I have since come off all drs scripts and gone holistic. No pills for 3 yrs no seizures for 2 yrs. I started riding my mobility scooter to the pool and swimming starting out at 30 mins, then an hour... After a while I was able to throw away the cane and walker and go to the gym where I can now do 3-4 hour work outs. I've lost over 100 lbs and come off all meds. After not seeing my dad or kids or grandkids in this time and my mom only once a year we decided to move back east to be closer. My husband a former marine, got a job here so we moved and we drove 2 days straight to get here.
We pulled into town on a Friday june 3 and looked at a house. It wasn't the best but it would keep us from having to stay in a hotel long. The roof was being fixed and we were told it would be cleaned. It reeked of cigarettes. So we signed lease on Monday June 6th and she had told us 2200.00 to move in first month rent and deposit and pet deposit.... Then she said oh I need last month too but I'm only going to charge you an extra hundred a month. We signed a 7 month lease. Her mother had told me when showing the house they where in a bind... It was her brothers house and they bought it from him to "help him" the first night there were bugs crawling all over me in the bed.... TERMITES. we found dead termites and poop all in the windows and cabinets.
She wanted us to get essential oils to kill them and we said no they need to be killed so she told us to go buy the stuff and she will refund it. We had to bug her to get the money back. Then my stuff arrived and I got my vacuum cleaner and carpet cleaner and went to work... I mopped the walls to get the smoke smell gone and washed the carpets... The whole time it was 83% humidity in the house.... The AC unit was suppose to be new. Lol it's not. They didn't even cut the grass before we moved in then was going to charge us 35.00 to cut it. When I cleaned the carpets I had to do it twice and the water was black sludge when I dumped it.... The smell of mold got worse and worse and she bought a small dehumidifier to get the dampness out. It has to be dumped every hour to the point we ran a hose from the sink to drain it, not to mention it's still at 70% humidity. The smell gets worse and worse and my breathing did too. I finally had to come to a hotel so I could breath and stop having headaches and dizziness.
The floors are falling in all the wood on the house is soft. Code enforcement has been to the house and said she is a slum lord and should be ashamed for renting a house in that condition... The lady is actually a realtor at Keller Williams in Tallahassee. She i wows better. Our furniture all our clothes and stuff is ruined including a brand new bed we just had bought. Havnt even made the first payment yet.
She is now trying to break the lease and at first only give a partial refund prorated when we paid a full month on the 6th. Then she wanted to give it all back if we move out by Tuesday and now she says she is evicting us by Tuesday because we told her that was unacceptable. All of our stuff is ruined from wetness and mildew and mold even a brand new bed.
I am staying in a hotel with my 4 dogs and no where to live. Between the move having our stuff shipped here and paying her and other deposits we are tapped out and about to be homeless. Please help us with this. I now have secured a lawyer and will be taking her and then to court for this. I've worked really hard on my health and even face the possibility of having to go back on asthma medicine.
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