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Three database rules for easy effective marketing

Only i am against, use for excel for massive datas like Database Marketing (CRM, ERP and etc). But in country like Brazil, yet have a 'myth' in relation with Big Data (High Price, unknow about professionals, haven't goals with long period (years) and other variables).

#Database   #Marketing   #BigData  
Social media is popular, but in my book nothing, NOTHING beats having your own database of clients and prospects to market to. In fact when Facebook maven Mari Smith (152,298 Facebook - New Zealand Herald
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Earl Tai

Big Data  - 
Das Blog der CSC in Deutschland zu Cloud, Cybersecurity, Mobile Business und Business Intelligence & Analytics
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Big Data  - 
"Why do people do the things they do? Why do people want the things they want?" - Gary Jackson, CSC Ingenious Mind talking about analytics
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I believe that is more difficult in this case, is a enormous scenary that you need analyze. Not only actions your company, but all 'world' around. Such like behavior your clients, adversaries, new products, new channels. Are many variables. For Digital Marketing, that's solution for prediction change everytime. In web you have a many events happen everytime. It's change rules of game too. #Marketing   #PlanBusiness   #ArtofWar  
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Big Data  - 
Big Data helped President Obama get to a second inauguration. Here's how.
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