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"Network Mapping And Network Scanning" is a very informative book and it contains a lot of information about network mapping and its various features and fundamentals. You can download this book to click here:-

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Ok, maybe I was a little ambitious! Haha, I have only read up to the second chapter. I am also reading a .NET book though, that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it. I'm gonna finish up the second chapter and do some exercises with Regex on my Github page. If ya'll wanna follow along you're welcome!

So for the first week of the book club I was thinking we cover the first 4 chapters of the book. This will go over an NLP intro, finite state machines, word morphology and sentence tokenization and N-Grams which are all key NLP topics. What programming challenge would you guys like to attempt at the end of the week? I was thinking about doing a N-Gram calculator like we did in the NLP class along with a sentence tokenizer / parser in the language of your choice. Let me know!

Hey guys! I'm planning on getting a game plan going for going through this book this week and I'll have it posted later this week. Expecting to go through the first chapter or two by the end of next week and then we'll run through some Kata's!

Anything in particular you guys would like to make sure to go over when we're reading through this book?

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First book we're going over:
Speech and Language Processing 2nd Edition by Jurafsky and Martin (

This is a great text for an introduction to NLP and we're just going to go through the topics chapter by chapter and do kata's (exercises) at the end of each chapter to review and solidify what we've learned!

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