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What is your favorite thing about Bruce Dickinson?

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Bruce – From Brix
Pronounced BROOS, Bruce was derived from a Scottish surname of Norman origin and as a masculine given name it wasn’t used until the beginning of the 19th century in English-speaking countries.
Originally from Scottish, it means “from the willow lands”, derived from the place name Brix of the Manche region in Normandy, France.

Famous Bruces We Love:

Bruce Lee – Hong Kong-American martial artist, action film actor, filmmaker, and martial arts instructor, best known for his films The Big Boss, Fist of Fury, Way of the Dragon, Enter the Dragon, The Game of Death, and others.

+Bruce Jenner – former US track and field athlete, current businessman and TV personality. He won the gold medal at the 1976 Summer Olympics in Montreal in the Decathlon discipline and became a national hero.
+Bruce Springsteen – American singer-songwriter and musician, nickname ‘The Boss’, and famous for his work with E Street Band. His most successful albums include Born in the U.S.A. and Born to Run. He has sold more than 120 million albums worldwide, and received numerous music awards and nominations.
Bruce Dickinson – English musician, famous as the lead vocalist of the heavy metal band formed in London in 1975 @Iron Maiden. He joined the band in 1981 and is considered one of the most acclaimed heavy metal vocalists of all time.

Famous Bruces in Books/ Movies/ Video Games/Music:

Bruce Banner – better known as his alter ego Hulk, Bruce Banner is a fictional superhero in the Marvel Comics comic books. His character first appeared in 1962, and was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. Hulk is a big green humanoid with superhuman strength and invulnerability.

Bruce Wayne – better known as his secret identity Batman, Bruce Wayne is a fictional superhero in the DC Comics comic books.  His character first appeared in 1939, and was created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger. Batman is a billionaire, who decides to take justice into his own hands after having witnessed the murder of his parents as a child. 

Bruce Nolan – fictional character in the 2003 American religious comedy Bruce Almighty, portrayed by Jim Carrey. Bruce is a TV reporter who complains to God about his bad luck and God’s inability to do his job right. In return, he’s offered to be God himself for one week.

Celebrity Babies:

Unfortunately, we were unable to find any recent celebrity babies of the name Bruce. If you spot any, let us know!

Bruce was originally a Scottish surname, derived from the place name of the town of Brix in Normandy, France. Brix itself means ‘willow lands’. A famous bearer of this surname was Robert the Bruce, a Scottish 14th century hero and later king of Scotland. As a masculine given name, Bruce became very popular in the US in the 1950s. Since then its popularity has been constantly declining. Thanks to its profound etymology and rich history, Bruce gives its bearer a hallmark of nobility, strength and courage.

What do YOU think of the name Bruce? Would it be a good name for your baby boy? Let us know in your comments either here or on the name page

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Camisas Iron Maiden personalizadas!

Com o frete mais barato de São Paulo 

Camisa estampada  de ótima qualidade Confira!

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Aqui está uma capa da estranha morte no paraíso que eu fiz no ano passado.
Strange Death In Paradise - Bruce Dickinson Cover - Acoustic

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Bruce sos lo mas.... !!! ♥♥♥ Up the Irons
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