New pull request (#90). Please review and accept.

I've got a pull request coming soon. I am just having a little problem right now, with the push being rejected. Sorting out the problem.

The code does not compile when DONT_TRUST_EMBARCADERO_THREADING_LIBRARY is not defined.


FAllThreadsDone: ICountDown;

FWorkFactory.FAllThreadsDone.AddResource( -1);

ICountDown doesn't implement AddResource method.

I don't understand how some stuff from Otl.Parallel.Extras, namely public

class function Future<T>( const WF: IWorkFactory; Func: TFutureFunc<T>): IFuture<T>;
class function ValuePipeline<T>( const WF: IWorkFactory; Capacity, LowWaterMark, HighWaterMark: cardinal): IValuePipeline<T>;

plugs into the big scheme. Isn't Future<T> adequately covered by OtlParallel's IOmniFuture<T>?

Is it OK that TVolatileInt32/UInt32/Int64/UInt32 declare Initialize as {$IFDEF ARM} inline; {$ENDIF} while TVolatileObject/Pointer declare Initialize as {$IFNDEF USE_SLACKSPACE_ALIGNMENT} inline; {$ENDIF} ?

Atomic<T> in OtlSync is commented out. Why?

Hi Primoz, Sorry for the late reply. I have done a code review and I am happy with Sean's changes to be added..

Are there any news about the project?

Please merge request #77.

I've been using OTL in production code. (web server application).

I have one more pull request. (HeavyPool + MREW). Please merge.

Functionally, I am done. TODO is now:
1. Add / Tidy-up unit header comments
2. Add more in-line comments in the interface sections describing classes and methods.
3. Make the aforementioned website.
4. Populate the aforemented website with lots of tasks and example solutions.
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