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So I'm about to start my second Ryuutama campaign and I want to kick things up a notch. We have a large glass table and I'm gonna draw out the battle diagram on that. I want to make cardboard standups for the monsters. So I'm looking for existing artwork of cutesy anime monsters. They don't have to resemble the ones in the book (although that is welcome too) as I'm planning on reskinning and refluffing a bunch of them for my players benefit. Anything I find myself I'll share in the comments here. 

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Hi there fellow travelers!

Let us introduce ourselves: we're the Spanish publishing house who brought this wonderful rpg to the Spanish-speaking countries.

Is it OK to you, dear community, if we also post sometimes news in Spanish here?

Thank you!

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Made in Abyss is perfect inspirational material for Ryuutama. The story follows Riko and her robotic buddy Reg as they travel into the enormous cave system, known as the Abyss, that leads into the depths of the world.
It is one of the few fantasy stories that actually feel fantastical. Everything is beautifully designed and full of details, just look at these examples. Even mundane items spur my imagination on what kind of travel check bonuses they would grant.
Like Ryuutama, the story is bout their journey. The environment is their biggest obstacle and it get's harder the further they go. Even so, they find places to stay and recover every few days (similar to the towns in Ryuutama).
If you aren't following the manga yet, then the new anime is the perfect way to start:

Lastly, the story itself would make for a great Black Ryuujin Tale.
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je recherche un livre de base ryuutama de base en français ? vous savez où je peux en trouver d'occasion.

So this might be a dumb question,
but can non-magic types still use incantation magic? Perhaps they find a tome and try to recite it? Obviously it wouldn't work for battle-type scenarios but maybe for camp-related stuff.


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I ran Ryuutama at #MeepleCon . It was a fun session and I ran it for three players. I first talked about how and why the game was made (easy to run, designed for those new to RPGs, started in a Gamer Cafe). I told the players that they are the ones on a journey and that they are being followed by a Ryuujin. I described my Ryuujin character as having lived in the Canyon of Silence, and that he is following the characters because he wants to craft a tale about music to feed to the Seasonal Dragon.

For the players, I described the abilities of each of the pre-generated characters that the they had chosen. I then had the players talk about their characters and their goals. The Healer (Technical Type) said that his goal was to see the sights of the world. The Hunter (Attack Type) said that his goal was to find all the different meats of the world for his father's food stall. The Merchant (Magic Type) wanted to sell and buy all sorts of different beers. They select the roles of Healer -> Leader (because he is the oldest!), Hunter -> Quartermaster (he needs to make sure they get the right meat), and Merchant -> Mapper (last but not least).

I had debated beforehand whether or not to include the shopping phase, in the end I settled on having the players go through it. I printed the shopping lists from the PDF, and they were overwhelmed with the choices and it took a while to get through, and they weren't able to fully fill out their item sheets. I did advise them that it was a two day journey on a road through the grasslands, and that since it was early spring, that it could rain or become cold. In the future, I would divide the shopping phase into several sub-phases:
1. Kit Phase: Everyone starts with the Basic Kit and it is already filled out on the Item Sheets. Everyone would be handed $850 of the Ryuutama money that I had already printed. I would then advise of the Party Kit and let them decide to get one or two of those (which would require pooling of the money).
2. Animals
If the players want to purchase extra animals, this would be the time to do so. The players would be able to name the animals
3. Rations & Water
I would advise on the costs of rations and that water can filled. I would assist the Quartermaster in filling out the sheet.
4. Traveling Gear
I would advise the players that this section can be used to try gain bonuses based on what they already know of the upcoming journey.
5. Merchant Ability
If the Merchant elects, the merchant can try to use the special ability to obtain trade goods at a discount.

Once the shopping phase was done, I ran the introductory scenario in the Ryuutama book. I followed the advice of the book to try to make certain that it wasn't just a bunch of die rolls. In keeping with the Ryuujin's goal, I would ask the players to sometimes sing. For instance, when the Healer failed his Travel Check on the first day, I asked him to explain his roll and he sang a lament of his old age and bones. The Hunter and the Merchant then sang a counter-song to lift his spirits. Usually, after a song, I would say something like this:
"...and in the distance, unseen by your eyes, the Ryuujin furiously scribbles the lyrics, fascinated. Nothing like this in the Canyon of Silence."
Which led to no shortage of humor, as the players knew that they weren't singing songs that should be copied down for a Seasonal Dragon.

When they met the Weather Scholar, they did not take the initiative to invite him to camp with them. He simply continued on his journey after advising them of the weather and that there would be a music festival in the Town of Ilfa.
When the rain fell on the second day, they were able to find a cave to take respite in. There they met the Neko-Goblin, which led to some initial confusion when I showed them a picture of one. "Wait, that's just a short Cat-Person..." They did assist with looking for the precious earring, at which point I had to sing a song of joy over the recovery of the ring, and that not all humans are bad. They received the umbrella.

They continued their journey when the rain let up, but two of the characters horribly botched the Travel roll. The Merchant described how her companions saw her disappear in the muddy water and the only thing the could see was the top of the umbrella. The Healer (who had also failed the roll) described how he jumped into the water, but only made things worse. I then asked the Hunter to sing a song over his joy of not being covered from head to toe in mud.

Miserable (except for the hunter), the party entered the town of Ilfa to rest at the inn. I then described how the pack mule was happy to be back in civilization. Quite appropriately, the Merchant said, "...and what song did Pitts the Mule sing?" At which point I had to sing a song by only using the phrase "Hee-Haw!". I thought I was done, but then the Hunter said that the riding horse was happy too.
"...and in the distance, unseen by your eyes..."

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I've set up an "official" Discord server for Kotodama Heavy Industries, so people can chat about Tenra Bansho, Ryuutama, or Shinobigami. Hopefully this can be a place where people can setup online games in real time and whatnot.
Please use the below link. Please note that I'm trying a low-level security thing on here, where you need to input a simple command, then you'll be given access to all channels. The instructions are in the #welcome_new_guests channel.


I'm still sort of figuring the bot out, so hit me up if you have any issues. Thanks!

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It's a bit later than I'd hoped, but I have the first draft of a Black Ryuujin scenario, just in time for Halloween...

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Hey all!

My friends and I decided to play this and we thought it would be great to play a Final Fantasy sorta story/style of system.

I just wanted to see if there would be any interest in me posting some of the homebrew stuff I'll be doing for our game.

We're running a crimson campaign, filled with loot boxes and classic monsters. Basically they pick their starting jobs (Ryu's default classes) and then at level 5, through job quests, they can unlock some more "advanced" jobs. These are my first drafts and Fluff/Story prereqs would be required to unlock these. Anyway, I realize some of the imbalance (like Axe Mastery making axes the definitive winner) and i will fix it later but i just wanted to share my project. I will be adding Paladin, White Mage, Black Mage, etc soon.
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