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Final Days, friends. Just a reminder about the new Ryuutama community here:

Also, I updated the Ryuutama community page to reflect the new community, the Discord server, and also a shout out to Reddit and the new Gauntlet community forums:


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Hi everyone,

With the shutdown fast approaching, we've been looking at a lot of targets for migration. Unfortunately, nothing really fits our style as much as G+ has. While we have a Discord server and there are subReddits out there, we've decided to put up our own forums:

This likely won't be a super lively forum (that's more where Discord fits in), but hopefully it'll act as a permanent hub for homebrew rules, scenarios, and FAQs.

Eventually we'll find a way to get all the great stuff from G+ this community up there, but until then, feel free to start putting up threads on stuff you'd like to share.

In fairly short order this community will no longer be maintained. Thanks for all of your contributions, each one has been appreciated.

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Halloween Scenario Spectacular results!

This year I received 14 amazing entries for the contest.
Though it was tough to choose, here are the three winning entries.

You can find all entries in this collection:

So, with G+ shutting down should we migrate to MeWe?

Anybody know what page I can find the eleven types of weather on? I'm not sure how to pick weather specializations.

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Hi everyone ! It's almost my favorite time of the year: HALLOWEEN!
I'm going to hold a special First Annual (?) Ryuutama Halloween Scenario Spectacular contest!
Let's see what kind of scenarios the community can come up with!

- Scenarios should be sent to in either .rtf format or as a Google Document
- Scenarios must be submitted by 11:59 PM PST on 10/13/18
- You may submit any number of separate entries
- We reserve the right to collect any submitted entries for publication as a free scenario collection on DriveThru RPG (or something similar) unless you would rather retain publication rights
- No length requirement, but more substantial scenarios may be weighted higher
- The scenario should have a "Halloween" theme--the more spooky, creepy, monsterous, pumpkiny, death-remembery, harvestful, trick-or-treaty, or candied the better. No specific guidelines, just whatever comes to mind when you say "Halloween."

What is a contest without PRIZES??
- First place: 1x Slipcase version of Tenra Bansho Zero, 1x copy Ryuutama (to use as a rule reference for your player group), 1x each dice bag for Ryuutama and Shinobigami
- Second Place: 1x copy of either TBZ or Ryuutama, 1x each dice bag for Ryuutama and Shinobigami
- Third Place: 1x each dice bag for Ryuutama and Shinobigami

If we get a bunch of entries I'll try to sweeten the pot when I have a chance to swing by Japan in a couple weeks. If you have any questions or would like to discuss or complain, please come yell at me in the Kotohi Discord in #ryuutama !

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Hi everyone! Ran across this manga today and it has Ryuutama vibes galore. It’s called Hakumei to Mikochi. In a forest inhabited by tiny humanlike creatures and talking animals, the story focuses on the daily lives and adventures of two of those tiny women living together in a house in a tree. There is also a 12 episode anime made from it but I haven’t had a chance to check it out yet. Anyway, thought I’d mention it in case no one else had run across it yet.

So I've been publishing on DMsGuild for a while and did an OSR adventure on DriveThru, with plans in the works to publish my cousin's mini story game and some more OSR stuff he's writing.

But in terms of me doing the design work, I would love to play in the Ryuutama pond. I've owned the game for a while now, but have not played much at all. With the delayed(?) supplement(s) for Ryuutama, I'm sorta jonesing to create my own stuff: hexcrawl settings, adventures, maybe additional jobs or even some alternate/expanded systems. Considering there was the announcement of a pseudo-"open license" (ask and we'll approve) thing, this seems entirely possible.

What do you folks want to see? I'm taking all ideas, but my specialty definitely lies mostly on the adventure and setting creation side until I dive into the mechanics a lot more.

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Hey, all! I've been working on a personal project with Ryuutama and ended up making a custom class. The image is the little rune/pictograph for the class which appears in the top of each page. If anyone is interested, here are the details-- I also edited a .pdf with some fluff text which can be found here:

Class: Fighter



Thanks to your active lifestyle, your body is sturdy, and you are in tune with its
natural rhythm. You are naturally resistant to ill effects and can carry more

Skill Effect: +1 bonus to Condition Checks. +3 bonus to Carrying Capacity


Due to your extensive experience facing off with opponents, you know how to
utilize your body language and the right words to frighten foes.

Skill Effect: Substitute STR or DEX for INT in social contested rolls.

Weapon Proficiency

After long years of training and extensive practice on the battlefield, you have
learned to be proficient when wielding a certain weapon. When creating your
character, choose either Blade, Polearm or Bow. You receive this weapon as a
Mastered Weapon. If you already have this chosen category as a Mastered
Weapon, you receive a +1 bonus to your Accuracy checks when using a weapon
from that category.

Skill Effect: Choose Blade/Polearm/Bow; it becomes an additional Mastered Weapon.
If chosen category is already a Mastered Weapon, gain +1 bonus to Accuracy checks.
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