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Edit your vector graphics for FREE with these online Adobe Illustrator alternatives.

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Web Development Course Lectures
Responsive Web Design_ Mobile First Approach with HTML5 & CSS3
With Girish Solanki
Youtube Channel:
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In this tutorial video , we will quickly have a look at two approaches of doing responsive design which are mobile first and desktop first. We will later conclude on why you would want to start using mobile first in your projects and the advantages of doing so.

Mobile First Responsive 12 Column Grid System using only HTML5 and CSS3. Watch how to create it from scratch.

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Can anyone offer any good tips for designing / handling logos in the footer of a website with svg. Traditionaly I would be supplied with all the logos in png format so they would have all been cropped and vertically aligned to be correct. I would however prefer to use svg's so that everything can scale better and the same logo can be used in multiple places on the website. However this leads to the issue of sizing the logos - if i give them all the same dimensions then some are smaller than others due to their width and height ie taller thinner logos appear smaller and wider shorter logos go larger. The only way i can see is manually set the size of each logo and adjust a margin top to keep them all in the correct position. However this isnt very CMS / user editable friendly. Can anyone suggest a solution

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Hi you all,
a while ago I made a SVG animation showing the beginning of the ninth level of the game Monument Valley. It took a some hours to create the water..and the final file has about 500kB.
Hope you enjoy :)
Animated Photo

I have an SVG I need to convert to Microsoft Publisher format. Anyone have any ideas? I've failed at everything I've tried so far.

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Gooey effect in pagination using SVG

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