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Inmate or Guard:
Quote: (optional)
Theme song: (optional)
Seke, Seme or Uke: (optional)
Nickname: (optional)
Family name: (optional)
ID #: (If your character's an inmate)
Building #:
Cell #: (If your character's an inmate)
Height: (optional)
Weight: (optional)
Weapons: (optional)
Powers: (optional)
Picture: (optional. But if there's no picture place describe your character's Appearance:)

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Inmate or Guard: Inmate
Quote: "catch up slow pokes!"
"No need to rush"
Theme song: none
Seke, Seme or Uke: seke
Name: marco
Nickname: none
Family name: alburn
ID #: 04
Building #: 04
Cell #: 12
Age: 19
Gender: male
Sexuality: bisexual
Species: human test subject
Height: 5'7ft
Weight: 38kgs
Weapons: his shoes
Powers: can run at inhuman speeds but doesn't use it often
Hobby{s}: reading, sleeping, training
Habit{s}: sneaking out of his cell to talk with Musashi
Likes: reading, sleeping, training, talking, food, his shoes and other things
Dislikes: assholes, annoying people, nosey people, needles, and other things
Fear{s}: needles, forests
Personality: nice, talkative, friendly, sarcastic, easy going
Bio: classified W.I.P
Other: he wears a safety pin as a earring
Picture: (optional. But if there's no picture place describe your character's Appearance:)

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Inmate or Guard:

"Got any candy for me"

"You can leave me in her with no sweets I'll die!"

"I won't hesitate to let me little minions bite you"

Theme song:

Valentine Lantern

Jack-O or Brace

ID #: 30

Building #:

Cell #: 3

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Sexuality: bi but more towards females


Height: 5"8"

Weight: "t..that's personal"

Weapons: Ball Chain

Powers: can make a small little minions that resemble me appear at any time, green glowing healing saliva, and can change water into any liquid

Reading manga, watching TV, fighting, and working out till sweaty or exhausted

Goes crazy if she does have candy or sweets for a whole day, lying, snoring loudly, sleep fighting, and not listening well

Candy and sweets, reading manga, trying to break out, strip teasing people and stopping half way, and napping

Being woken up from my nap, candy getting taken away from me, and being ignored

No candy, Sharks, and big dogs

She is nice and sweet at times but can get very fierce and aggressive when she hasn't had her sugar

She was arrested for brutal attacks and robberies and always would almost kill random people with her ball chain effortless either because she had no sugar or just for fun and they final caught her and sent her here

She has had her ball chain all her life and it can emote and speak on its own free will it contain the soul of her childhood friend

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Verse: Nanbaka

Name: Number 100
Alias: Ayato ( Hayato's bad side ) Wilde ( Beast Hayato )
Real Name: Hayato Ken
Current Age: 18
Gender: Male
Place of Origin: Tokyo, Japan
Species: Human

Hayato: easygoing, friendly, care-free and sometimes quiet towards friends

Ayato: heartless, calm, insane ( when it comes to blowing things up ), sometimes flirting towards anyone that he sees

Beast side: Wild, Out of control, heartless, bloodthirsty killer, towards anyone

Birthdate: ?.........
Astrological Sign: -
Birthplace: -
Blood Type: O negative
Sexual Preference: Bisexual
Relationship: single
Alignment: -
Affiliation: -
Occupation: inmate
Height: 170cm
Weight: 75kg
Skin Tone: tan but a little pale
Hair: short light purplish; neat when Hayato is in control and messy when Ayato is in control
Eyes: -
Left/ Right handed Hayato left handed and Ayato right handed
Place/Type of Residence: Number Prison, Building 13, cell 13
Languages Spoken: Japanese, English, Russian
Favorite color: Blue
Fears: Trapped in small room or a cage ( 2m by 2m ) Ayato hurts someone, Dark,

Hayato: Making Dolls, Drawing and Outside

Ayato: Blowing Things Up, Smoking, Fighting, does have his own interest in people

Good, Neutral or Bad?: Neutral
Official Backstory:

Hayato live in very rich family, with kind hearted mother and hard worker father, Hayato's father, Keith, owns a toy company call Toys of Wonders. The best toy company in the world but Keith was in factory. When Hayato was 7 years old, he was with his mother, Yuki. both were in factory visiting Keith, unlit, there was an explanation the factory was falling apart Yuki and Keith were crushed Hayato was bearly escaped but he made out but immediately put into hospital to have his life save, as few months in hospital, he had his uncle to care of Hayato. His uncle was very friendly and love to take care of Hayato but his uncle was merry wicked woman, she was very heartless. Hayato was 9 years old, ever since she murder Hayato's uncle just to have his money, Hayato saw what happened, The woman took care of Hayato, pending being kind hearted, knowing that Hayato will obey her. The woman would make him to study and treated if he was her son, but Hayato does something wrong she would locked him up in a 2m by 2m sliver melt cage, without giving him food and water for about 3 weeks to teach him a lesson. When Hayato gets lonely he would have one of his dolls, to talk to, his favourite was Bell, he treated her like a real person, his mind started to see illusions believing things are real like monsters living down the basement, he usually see himself, whispering things to him, Hayato was believed it was his imagery " friend " he would do anything to keep his " friend " happy, because of this, Hayato would have his personality disorder. One day the woman sees that Hayato was useless and let him drown in the lake, as he blackout, his " friend " was in control as he swims to land and walk back to the woman mansion. Inside of her mansion, in her bedroom, Hayato's " friend " stabbed her into stomach with scissor. As Hayato's run away live on the streets, killing people just for fun, as soon he ended up in mental hospital for 4 years. At age of 13, he escaped, continued having his blackouts killing more people. At age of 16, he would turn young women into dolls, as soon he went to jail couple of time but keep escaping. At age of 18, he continued escaping from jail unlit he transferred into Number Jail, a unknown place that had the impossible escape as now, he stayed in cell 13 along with other four guys, Hayato finally founded friends.

Official Theme Song: ( opened for ideas)
Special items:

His doll, Isabella

Weapons: anything that he could find

Magic/Special Abilities:-

How They kills/wounds in Combats: ( needed to think about it )


* he has very steady hands

* Experts on exposing ( Ayato)

* hand to hand combat ( Ayato )


He can die and get injured

Can't swim deep water ( Hayato)

He's very ticklish

* Childhood: 

* At 7 parents died in factory accident, At age of 9 uncle was merry but was murder by his wife, later on that age, Ayato murder the woman, At age of 13 escaped from mental hospital.
* Adolescence: At age of 16 turned young women into dolls, and escape from prisons. At age of 18, he stay at Number Prison, Building 13, Cell 13 along with other four guys
* Adulthood: -

* Parents: Keith ( Father / dead / died in factory accident) Yuki ( Mother / Dead / Die from factory accident)
* Children: -
* Relatives: Luke ( Uncle / dead / murder by his wife ) Anna ( auntie/ dead / Murder by Hayato/ Ayato ) 

* Partner: single 

* Friends: [ all the characters are from Nanbaka ]
* Jyugo
* Rock
* Uno
* Nico
* Hajime
* Yamato
* Allies:
* Seitarou

* Rivals: ( open )
* Enemies: ( open )
{ Ayato dislikes everyone but he has own interests in people}


" Hayato doesn't harm others but I do " { Ayato}

" pathetic, unless, worthless people but they are easy to be use as pawns " { Ayato}

" Being in a cage like an animal, that's why I hate cages " { Hayato}

" This my friend, Bell, she's protecting me from the monsters that live in the dark " { Hayato}


* when Hayato gets angry Ayato appears, Hayato doesn't like seeing his reflection, he would see Ayato

* Hayato was personality disorder

* When Bell " talks " Hayato voice can like a little girl

* Hayato biggest fear is the dark believes that there monsters living in the darkness

* Hayato's father was russian and his mother was Japanese

* Once Ayato rule Russia prison at age of 18 that was when he went to into the Number Prsion

* Hayato seems to love the colour of blue, when seeing Seitarou's blue hair Hayato would stare and touched his hair a little

* Hayato love making dolls, he made dolls to look like his friends

* Hayato is incredible with voice acting can sound like anyone

* Hayato stay Number Prison because he made friends but dislikes the other prison because treating him if he's a nobody or treated like an animal

Pic1: Hayato ( left side ) Isabella ( right side/ Hayato's doll )

Pic2: Ayato ( Hayato's dark side )

Pic3: Hayato's beast side

Pic4: Hayato's scars and his number tattoo

Pic5: Headshot of Hayato / Beast Hayato

Pic6: Headshot of Hayato 
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Inmate or Guard:

"Do you hear that? ......its the whispers of the dead carried by the wind"
"Do you believe in ghosts?"

Theme song[s]:



Family name:

ID #:

Building #:
Girls wing building number 1

Cell #:






Unknown, but, clearly underweight

Eye color:
Electric sky blue

Hair color:

Piercing [s]:

She has a tattoo of black angel wings on her back

Many diffrent kinds on her feet, thighs and stomach

She has a problem with her left arm so she keeps a brace thing on her arm and the number 03 is on the brace thing

She's skilled with poison throwing needles


Reading, cooking, takimg pictures and swimming

Biting her bottom lip

Sweets, cute things, animals, shiney things, fruit, paranormal things and quite places

Loud noises, small spaces, being told what to do and super spicy foods

Nervous ticks:
The dripping of something and the ticking of a clock

Being alone forever

How she became an inmate:
She killed a very important government spy group

"To find that out you have to earn my trust"

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Inmate or Guard: inmate
Theme song:
2. Pretty little pyscho- Porcelain black
Name: Cassandra
Nickname: Cassy, princess,
Family name: Jones
ID #: 16
Building #: 13
Cell: 14
Age: 19
Gender: female
Sexuality: sraight
Species: human
Weapons: scissors
Powers: telekinesis
Hobby{s}: drawing,writing
Habit{s}: none
Likes: prison food,comics,wheelchairs
Dislikes: prisons,asylums
Fear{s}: never leaving
Personality: emo,manipulative,funny at times,pyscho,
Other: known as slightly dangerous,Fails at escaping,was close to escaping once,been to 5 jails and 20 asylums,known to be the most spoiled prisoner
Picture: ⬇⬇⬇⬇
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Axel, the smallest most petite boy in the prison, was short and skinny. He was adorable, he was the definition if cute. Every guy liked him in the prison. The only problem was that he was terrifying as well. The last time someone tried to fuck him without his consent he got rather sick from a poison that Axel put in his food. He liked sex though, and he often have it to people but only if they asked or he wanted it.

Y/n, the king, tall, muscular, handsome, you had fought your way to the top of the prison. You had everyone doing your bidding. If you wanted something you got it. When you wanted sex people would just bend over and say yes. It was normal, because they were afraid of disobeying you. You liked it like that.

Today you were in the workout room lifting weights. You were doing a bench press when you felt a light weight on your stomach. You looked up to see Axel sitting on your stomach smiling happily at you.

"You're strong! You can lift a lot of weight on this bar that's so cool."

He giggled childishly and placed his hands on your chest.

((Axel may call your character Daddy if you are not okay with this please say so before we start. Axel does not like blood it makes him sick to his stomach. He likes to be called Queen, princess, and cute names like that. He doesn't like to be called bad name like bitch, slut or names like that. A paragraph of response please and no text talk. Have fun.))
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Inmate or Guard: inmate
Quote: (optional) If you're bad then I am evil, darling ~
Theme song: (optional) none
Seke, Seme or Uke: (optional) seke
Name: Nash dunner
Nickname: (optional)none
Family name: (optional) heart
ID #: (If your character's an inmate) 12099
Building #: b
Cell #: (If your character's an inmate) b 56
Age: 22
Gender: male
Sexuality: gay (I am about as straight as a rainbow)
Species: human
Height: (optional) 7'4
Weight: (optional) 157 lbs
Weapons: (optional) usually has a gun or a knife
Powers: (optional)
Hobby{s}: weight lifting and painting
Habit{s}: tapping his fingers, tapping his foot, and biting his finger tips.
Likes: small ukes, french fries, and bondage.
Dislikes: cocky men and not getting what he wants.
Fear{s}: clowns and wasps.
Personality: sky, mean, cocky, but there is a gentle side under that tough shell. Slightly insane and masochistic.
Bio: He was born in new York and grew up on the streets. By age 6 he had a criminal record. He stole and sold drugs. But recently he killed someone for no reason, just fun.
Other: ears peirced and cock peircing
Picture: (optional. But if there's no picture place describe your character's Appearance:)

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is in my cell and sees a prisoner standing in front of my cell and looks up at you ....what do you want?.....leave me alone....stay away....looks away from you

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Inmate or Guard: Inmate
Quote: "Let everything cover up with darkness...."
Theme song: Set me on fire - broach
Seke, Seme or Uke: Uke
Name: Akira
Nickname: Devil or No.19
Family name: Suzuka family
ID #: 1319
Building #: Building 3
Cell #: 13
Age: 19
Gender: male
Sexuality: Homosexual
Species: Half Human and Demon
Height: 175 cm
Weight: (why do you want to know? I'm skinny)
Weapons: Twin Blades
Powers: Shadows
Hobby{s}: draw and singing
Habit{s}: none
Likes: making friends, ramen, and cats
Dislikes: People hurting my friends
Fear{s}: losing control
Personality: silent, cold, kind, and honest
Bio: none
Other: none
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