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it was the middle of the night and everyone in building 13 was asleep except for one prisoner, prisoner 13 she was up because she was so use to being up at night and sense she didn't have anyone to talk to she just sat in the light of the moon and sighed trying to see what she could do to keep her from being bored "hm, breaking out would be fun, but I'd get caught" Y/N was oddly enough also still up and was walking around building thirteen trying to clear his head and get away from his paperwork for a bit, when he walked passed prisoner 13's cell and heard what she said Y/N stopped, walked back to the cell's door and said....

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13 was walking around outside, as a crisp fall breeze blew through her short hair as the midnight moon shone down. 13 was still new and the only friends she had were her pets, who were back at her cell, 13 stopped as she felt as if someone was watching her every move. 13 turned as her fingers turned into claws and her tail into a scorpion like spear, 13 prepared herself for a battle. Her cat ears pearked toward your direction, she turned to where you were hiding and said "no use in hiding!, I know you're there!" with a sigh you came out of your hiding spot and said...

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Inmate or Gaurd: inmate
Quote: "you either catch up or get caught!"
Theme song: unknown
Seke, Seme or Uke: Seke
Name: Heather
Nickname: heat
Family name: Varnum
Cell#: not determined yet
Gender: female
Species: Neko
Height: 5'9
Weapons: claws, bare hands & katana
Powers: teleportation, telekinesis & ability to speak with animals
Hobby(s): baking,cooking, sketching, hacking stuff & planning escapes
Habit(s): thinking aloud, observing others, upsetting other teasingly
Likes: animals, music, tea, watching anime & reading
Dislikes: animal abusers, music being taken, awful tea, not watching anime and being disturbed whilst reading
Fear(s): of hurting friends, being alone, feeling abandoned
Personality1: kind, caring, easily embarrassed, lovable
Personality2: out of control, easily angered, overprotective
Bio: classified
Other info.: keeps a raged pink stuffed toy with her & takes her dog with her where ever they go
Picture: ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️

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Guard or inmate:


Cell #:

Building #:

ID #:
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Building 14 Immates and Guard.

Pic1: Inmate Hayato/ Ayato aka No. 100
Pic2: Hayato’s doll Isabelle

Pic3: Inmate Venom aka No. 101

Pic4: Inmate Sans Nom aka No. 102

Number Guard Luka ( Link to his pic: )


~ Hayato Info ~

Personal Info
Nickname: Number 100
Name: Hayato Ken
B-Day: 1999 May 18
Zodiac: Taurus
Age: 18
Height: 5'6"
Blood Type: O-
Ethnicity: Russian
Hair Color: Sky Blue with White tips
Eye Color: Deep Aqua
Favorite Food: Cabbage Soup { Shchi }
Favorite Color: Blue

Prison Info
Occupation: Inmate
Building: 14
ID Number: 1400
Crime: Murder
Friends: All of Building 13, Eiko Shakey-Shake , Kalidas DarkDraws454 , Therese raymybestfriend , Asami Kirusona , Isabelle (Hayatos' Doll), Adam Thomas Ashleeyrose7 )
Relationship: taken by his boyfriend, Adam Thomas ( Creator: Ashleeyrose7 )
Enemies/Rivals: Harley FlubberBloops

Hayato is a very sweet, light-hearted man. He's easy going and funny, but can be quiet at times. Hayato loves to make dolls and has one that he is particularly close to. Her name is Isabelle. He has been making dolls since he was a child and can create many voices for these dolls of his. He also has a bad side, his 'friend, named Ayato. This 'friend' of his was created during his childhood when he lived with his terrible step-aunt. Ayato took over and murdreed many people, turning his victims into dolls. But now, with the cuffs on his wrists, they can tell when Ayato comes out, and activate, clicking together with such a strong bond that Ayato can't get them apart, so he can't harm anybody physically.


Hayato lives in very rich family, his father owns toy factory, his mother was musician and his uncle was arthur. When Hayato was 5 , his uncle was merry to woman, Hayato's family were happy to young woman into their family. Hayato at age of 6, there was an accident the toy factory blow up and both of his parents were crushed, when he was at the funeral Hayato noticed that his step-auntie was smiling a little only Hayato noticed it, Hayato was confused didn't understand. Hayato at age of 9, Hayato was running downstairs as to see his uncle, as he opened door a little to peek when he saw his uncle was on the floor choking and coughing out of blood, Hayato rash over to him but it was too late, his uncle died from poison, later in year his step-auntie kept Hayato, making him work very hard. She harms Hayato nearly all the time, once Hayato finish his work she would lock him in the basement, Hayato have collection of dolls that he made which they are his friends, Hayato has hate and anger growing inside of him but Hayato keeps hidden. Hayato at age of 16, Hayato made a doll of himself when doing his own voice but slightly deeper, that's when Ayato appears, Hayato became good friends of Ayato. Hayato was very happy that he had a 'friend'. One day his step-auntie had no use of Hayato, since the will from his parents and uncle that gave Hayato the money over $100,000,000. She unlocked the basement door, as she held a knife in her hand but actually trip over on the stairs, she spring her ankle but she noticed the dolls few were broken but the broken dolls looked like her, Hayato was standing front of her with slightly cold toon" is the money that you care ? I know you murder my family, I was your slave for seven years of my life, I obey you like a good boy, I believe your lies, I never told anyone that you murder my uncle, you took my family away because you only wanted the money, pathetic aren't you ? I try so hard to hide my hate, I made theses dolls because they are my friends, It's all your fault I wish you to disappear " that's when Ayato took control as replied with slightly deeper toon " you're very horrible person, I'm very surprised if you're wondering how Hayato knew, you smiled when his family died " as then turns around to clear up the table as she stood up ignoring the pain trying not to scream as slowly walking then about to stabbed him but he turned around immediately started five pins into her throaty she fell onto the ground as trying to take the pins as he took the knife then stabbed into her neck to finish her off, in few hours he turned into a doll, he run away. Later the year Hayato was catcher, he was taken to jail but Hayato escaped four times. The last prison that he went was the Russian prison, but Hayato well Ayato became charged of the prison but soon the number prison took him and made magnets shackles so when Ayato try to harm anyone the magnets shackles stops him as the shackles will be pull together and take an hour for the magnets to ware off. Hayato was part of building 13, enjoying making new friends of building 13. Hayato stay number prison because he made friends.

- When Isabelle 'speaks', Hayato uses a voice that sounds like a little girls.

- Hayatos is very ticklish.

- Hayatos biggest fear is the dark, He personally believes that there are monsters living in the darkness.

- Hayato's father was Russian and his mother was Japanese.

- Ayato was once considered the 'Top Dog' or 'Leader' at a prison in Russia that he had been sent to when he was 18.

- Hayato seems to love the color blue, and when seeing Seitarou's blue hair, Hayato would stare and touch it. Sometimes he make hair styles.

- Hayato love making dolls, and he tends to make dolls that look like his friends.

- Hayato uses voices for his dolls.

- Hayato decides to stay at Nanba Prison because he made friends. He doesn't like other prisons because of the way they treat their prisoners.

- When Ayato appears his eyes slightly more dark, his voice is slightly deeper then Hayato's voice, his hair is slightly different that it's longer and the colours of his hair is slightly faded, when Ayato trying to harm anyone the magnets pulled the shackles together so Ayato can't harm anyone. Ayato hates waiting an hour so Hayato takes control, even the shackles are together Hayato can actually still make dolls or read books to past time, sometimes talking one of his friends.

- Theme Song: End of Me by Ashes Reminds { link:… }

This song is just reminds me of Hayato, when trying to hide his pain since childhood.


~ Venom info ~

Personal Info
Nicknames: Number 101 ( Number Prison) Snakeman ( it’s old nickname from freak show)
Name: unknown ( his real name is unknown but he prefer to be called Venom)
B-day: (unknounknown year ) August 16th
Age: unknown but around about 19 - 23
Height: unknown
Blood Type: unknown
Ethnicity: British
Hair Color: black with mix aqua and light green
Eye Color: green with black ( snake eyes )
Favorite Food: meat ( any kind of meat)
Favorite Color: Green

Prison Info
Occupation: Inmate
Building: 14
ID Number: 1401
Crime: Murder and Stealing
Friends: ( open )
Relationship: single
Enemies/Rivals: ( open )


Vemon is very sneaky and quiet person, strong dislike towards humans, his rude and careless towards, he dose have hard time trusting anyone, he likes to play mind games when he’s in playful mood, other game he likes to play are hide and seek, he can be childish when playing games, even he can’t see he can use his snake tongue of his surroundings, he’s almost alerted when around humans. Just like a kid he can be stubborn sometimes.

History ( W.I.P )

- He growing up in freak show

- have to wear melted blind folded, for two reasons. One, can’t use hypnosis on his victims and Two, unable take full control of his hypnosis

- Use his snake tongue for his surroundings

- loves soft things, he would spend most of time touching soft thinkings, it would keep him busy for hours, even just small piece would keep him busy

- he has tattoo of 101 on back of his neck

- He still stealing stuff from different buildings and other cells

- He can fit very tightly spaces, his cell are like building 3 ( sorry if I get it wrong)

- He escape 7 different prions

- He loves his hair to keep soft

Loves being outside, having bit of freedom

He can talk to snakes, in his cell he has 5 poisons snake that he stolen from zoo before he went to prison, Number Prison allow Venom to keep his snakes as long they are in cell but Venom break the rule and the snakes would be around his neck and arms, the snakes are like his eyes, Vemon can see what the snakes see that also help him with his surroundings


~ Sans Nom info ~

Personal Info

Nicknames: Number 102 ( Number Prison) Mask Man ( by Nico ) Sans nom ( English: Nameless and his main nickname)

Name: unknown

B-Day: unknown

Zodiac: -

Age: ( hard to tell his age, no one knows his age but few people say he’s around in 30’s )

Height: unknown

Blood Type: unknown

Ethnicity: unknown ( but believes to be french since a lot of murders happen in Paris )

Hair Color: blonde

Eye Color: left eye is unknown, right eye deep aqua and white

Favorite Food: unknown

Favourite Colours : Dark grey, blue and aqua

Prison Info

Occupation: Inmate

Building: 14

ID Number: 1402

Crime: Assassin

Friends: ( open )

Relationship: single

Enemies/Rivals: ( open )


Nothing much about his personality, he’s very mysterious person and very hard to read but he show kindness and brotherly towards Nico, the reason that he acts like older brother towards Nico, because Nico reminds of his younger brother, Peu d'espoir ( English: Little Hope ).

History ( W.I.P )


No. 102, has nickname from other prisons, they call him, Nameless but it’s in different languages pending on the country but Sans nom, would be the main one. Reason of this nickname because no one knows his real name, since he wears his mask all the time, so no one knows can’t see his face, not even the number guards and the warden know his name or his face

His eyes are mysterious, his left eye is human but the colour is unknown, his right eye was the most mysterious, rumours say that it’s demon’s contract, others say that he isn’t human but unknown spices, Venom ( another oc my ) knows what he is because using his snake tongue to taste the air, Venom keeps as secret

his past is nothing much about it, there are rumours about him growing up in clan called Kaaga, Kaaga was the most dangerous assassins and the most mysterious clan. There rumours that he murder his family.

- he has 102 tattoo on back of his left shoulder


~ Building 14 Guard Luka Info ~

Personal Info

Nicknames: Lu ( only his friends)

Name: Luka Yana

B-Day: 1990 July 11th

Zodiac: -

Age: 27 ( looks 19 years old )

Height: 178cm

Blood Type: A+

Ethnicity: Russian

Hair Color: purple with light blue tips

Eye Color: slight dark blue

Favorite Food: unknown

Favourite Colours : purple and blue

Prison Info

Occupation: Number Guard

Building: 14

ID Number: -

Crime: -

Friends: ( open )

Relationship: single

Enemies/Rivals: ( open )


Luka is friendly, kind hearted and brotherly towards friends and allies, he can relaxed and fun person, but he can very cold towards to his enemy Hayato aka 100 ( my OC ). Luka knew Hayato when Hayato was in russian prison, Luka doesn’t like talking about his past and relationship with Hayato, when someone asked Luka would be silent and refused talk about it, he would given a cold with slightly motionless eyes showing he’s upset,

History ( W.I.P )

Luka grow up on the street alone, one day a young rich man took Luka in, Luka loves his new father, his father was very kind hearted man and he was Guard of the Russian prison, as Luka gotta older at age of 24, he became Russian prison guard, at age of 27 Luka met the most dangerous criminal in Russia, Hayato. Luka job was to keep eye on Hayato, Luka didn’t think Hayato was dangerous, he just thought kind hearted man, Luka and Hayato got well together, even that they not allowed to be friends, so they keep their friendship as secret. One day Hayato lost control, he snapped because two russian teasing him with Hayato’s doll, one of the guards took head Hayato’s doll off, Ayato ( Hayato’s bad side ) took control, when he kicked the guard that took head of doll off into his stomach as hard as he could, the other guard put shock collar on Ayato’s neck then shock him, putting on high Ayato screaming in pain then soon past out, the two guards took him out of cell then took him away but Luka run up to them, he told them to take the guard who was injured to first aid and that he take the prisoner. The two guards agree so Luka took Hayato. In few hours time, Hayato woken up in a room, as his version got clearly it looked like guard office, Luka was please to see Hayato awake, so he can give up his doll, that Luka fixed up. Hayato and Luka talking for a bit, Luka wanted to help Hayato to escape, so Luka did helping Hayato to escape. Unlit Ayato took control, betray Luka, by shooting his left chest, when Ayato thought that Luka was dead, he continued killing others guards soon took control of prison, luckily Ayato was caught and take away, Luka was very lucky to live from the gun shot. It’s been 3 months, found out where’s Hayato was, he diced to become number guard, now he’s number guard, building 14, so he can take care of Hayato but he forgotten about his revenge, when he made few friends


bullet scar on left side of his chest, just near his shoulder
His father is still alive, he just retired from Russian prison guard
He mostly speaks Russian but he’s trying to understand other languages
Has a cut scar on right side of cheek, when he was Kid he picks fight with other kid, one of the kid had a knife and cut Luka’s right side cheek
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Guard or inmate:

Don't worry ...... I won't bite .... hard

Hell - disturbed
Gangster's paradise - coolio

Seme,seke, or uke:
Very seme


The crow

Family name:


Cell number:




Looks human but is a demon


100 lbs


Time manipulation


To write
Other classified



Cold, adventurous, dominate

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(I promise I'm not (totally) like this IRL)

Inmate or Guard: Inmate
Quote: "Satan worships me!"
Theme song: Duality (By Set If Off)
Seke, Seme or Uke: Uke
Name: Clarity
Nickname: Clair
Family name: Unknown
ID #: 1666
Building #: 13
Cell #: 12
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Idk
Species: Human (probably)
Weapons: A dagger that she easily manages to steal every time.
Powers: Can actually summon demons...; Can create curses; Can make potions
Hobby{s}: Summoning demons, traveling to other worlds; attempting to sacrifice people; Ghost hunting
Habit{s}: Judging how good of a sacrifice a person is; Going where ever she wants in the prison; Using the word "hell" too much in daily conversation; laughing hysterically; yelling "BURN! BURN! BURN!" while she sets her marshmallows on fire; drawing pentagrams everywhere.
Likes: Demons, Darkness, Marshmallows; Exciting things; Horror Movies; Ghost Stories; Anime; Japanese Food
Dislikes: Little kid shows; Angels; perfect people; Pink; Sadness; Cleaning
Fear{s}: Society; Insane Asylums; Rules; Doctors; Windigos
Personality: Insane; Psychotic; Fun Loving; Anti Social; Diabolik
Bio: She doesn't have a nationality and her accent isn't really specific so know one has any idea where she's from. She was arrested for sacrificing a human. She broke out of every mental hospital because they wouldn't let her be herself (also they gave her shock therapy). They decided to move her to Nanba prison so that she wouldn't hurt anybody, she still tries to sacrifice people.
Other: She's had a pentagram on her eye for as long as she can remember, she doesn't know where it's from...
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Inmate or Guard: inmate
Theme song:
2. Pretty little pyscho- Porcelain black
Name: Cassandra
Nickname: Cassy, princess,
Family name: Jones
ID #: 16
Building #: 13
Cell: 14
Age: 19
Gender: female
Sexuality: sraight
Species: human
Weapons: scissors
Powers: telekinesis
Hobby{s}: drawing,writing
Habit{s}: none
Likes: prison food,comics,wheelchairs
Dislikes: prisons,asylums
Fear{s}: never leaving
Personality: emo,manipulative,funny at times,pyscho,
Other: known as slightly dangerous,Fails at escaping,was close to escaping once,been to 5 jails and 20 asylums,known to be the most spoiled prisoner
Picture: ⬇⬇⬇⬇
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Inmate or Guard: inmate
Quote: (optional) If you're bad then I am evil, darling ~
Theme song: (optional) none
Seke, Seme or Uke: (optional) seke
Name: Nash dunner
Nickname: (optional)none
Family name: (optional) heart
ID #: (If your character's an inmate) 12099
Building #: b
Cell #: (If your character's an inmate) b 56
Age: 22
Gender: male
Sexuality: gay (I am about as straight as a rainbow)
Species: human
Height: (optional) 7'4
Weight: (optional) 157 lbs
Weapons: (optional) usually has a gun or a knife
Powers: (optional)
Hobby{s}: weight lifting and painting
Habit{s}: tapping his fingers, tapping his foot, and biting his finger tips.
Likes: small ukes, french fries, and bondage.
Dislikes: cocky men and not getting what he wants.
Fear{s}: clowns and wasps.
Personality: sky, mean, cocky, but there is a gentle side under that tough shell. Slightly insane and masochistic.
Bio: He was born in new York and grew up on the streets. By age 6 he had a criminal record. He stole and sold drugs. But recently he killed someone for no reason, just fun.
Other: ears peirced and cock peircing
Picture: (optional. But if there's no picture place describe your character's Appearance:)

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Axel, the smallest most petite boy in the prison, was short and skinny. He was adorable, he was the definition if cute. Every guy liked him in the prison. The only problem was that he was terrifying as well. The last time someone tried to fuck him without his consent he got rather sick from a poison that Axel put in his food. He liked sex though, and he often have it to people but only if they asked or he wanted it.

Y/n, the king, tall, muscular, handsome, you had fought your way to the top of the prison. You had everyone doing your bidding. If you wanted something you got it. When you wanted sex people would just bend over and say yes. It was normal, because they were afraid of disobeying you. You liked it like that.

Today you were in the workout room lifting weights. You were doing a bench press when you felt a light weight on your stomach. You looked up to see Axel sitting on your stomach smiling happily at you.

"You're strong! You can lift a lot of weight on this bar that's so cool."

He giggled childishly and placed his hands on your chest.

((Axel may call your character Daddy if you are not okay with this please say so before we start. Axel does not like blood it makes him sick to his stomach. He likes to be called Queen, princess, and cute names like that. He doesn't like to be called bad name like bitch, slut or names like that. A paragraph of response please and no text talk. Have fun.))
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