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****Everyone new in community with Oc's****
Every oc you create has to be under the option
"My Mansion (OC setup)"
Got that?

I'm such a huge jerk because I have three frinking crush's from three fandoms: Gravity falls, Mystery skulls, and five nights at Freddy's and it's dipper, Arthur, and bonnie and I get it that they're not real but I still love them even though they're not real

I always get excited and freaked out when comes to crossovers of the fandom like mystery skulls crossover with gravity falls, or gravity falls with fnaf

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I'm thinking of doing this again! This time I want results please
We didn't get any last time
It's all the same and yes it will end in two weeks like last time
Ok everyone we're having a art contest for all three fandoms and the deadline is in two weeks
You can draw as many people as you like, but it has to have a even amount for each fandom and the deadline is in two weeks
No getting art from others, you have to do it yourself
You can draw it digitaly if you like to, but you can also do it on paper.....just make sure I can see it

Here are the places and there rewards if they win
1st place: Art request, mod for a month, and there drawing in the community's background
2nd place: Art request, and mod for a week
3rd place: Art request
Have fun, and be creative!!

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Hey guys, remember this shit?
I'm thinking of redoing it
So I'll actually draw this now, since I've gotten better so it will take me awhile to draw them, though I already have Arthur drawn, so I have to do Mystery, Lewis, And Vivi :>
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Frisk and the souls
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Chisk and the nuetral (cant spell) route
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Chara and the genicied route
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Mystery skulls gang
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Fnaf group

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Hey guys I'm new here

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It's Foxy and Arthur Kingsman!
They play as each since they both did something they regret, Arthur killed his best friend and Foxy.....well to some people he did the bite of 87, idk
I'm think of drawing a crossover of this!

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This id wired

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Hi! :-D
I'm new were :-)

And this is my MSA OC
he's a ghost and he can become a Dragon ^^

Name: Diego
Last name: Scott
Age: 21
Hair color: dark blue
Eye color: dark Blue
Gender: male
Pets: Anna the dog
Diego lived in Texas alone, he had a girlfriend named Melody, the two were part of a group called "Mystry Dragons", the group had a pet, "Anna the dog" but the real owner it was Melody, in the group also participated in the friend of both, Jack
They spent most of the time to discover the mysterys, but one day, Diego was hit by a truck while riding his motorbike trying to follow tracks to unravel a mystery

Dragon Art by me
Pic of Diego(normal) and Lewis by a friend on DA for me :)
Design of the two forms by me

Please don't steal, use or copy my the character and the art
Thank you
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