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Hello everyone my name is Blazie welcome to my community. The rules are:
1: No role play requests
2: No Rude pictures
3: Have fun
4: Don't ask to be a mod. I will decide who is a mod
5: If you become an owner do not change this community.


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Hoi I'm frost

+Blazie The Fennekin​​
Meet your other kids
+sonic the vampire hedgehog​​
+Charlesgameing 1987​​
+Tails The Gaming Fox​​
+Spring Bonnie​​
And your grand daughter
+ღ Kassie the Strawberry Child ღ​​
These kids I found before we met 

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When someone hurts +Blazie The Fennekin​ (XD Im sorry)


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Your PFP do you like it ?

Hmmm me sans and you let's change it into ask blazie and family waddu think 
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