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Surrogate worship can be worse than none, for it gives soothing illusion of having done something meaningful.

Some Bible verses were covered by tons of commentaries in order to make them look politically correct 

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This weekend, you can notice how most Christians make 6 errors in the word Pesakh(Passover), and are 6 days late with it. In addition, many confuse rabbit for lamb and eggs for matzot.

And Jehovah speaketh unto Moses and unto Aaron, in the land of Egypt, saying, `This month is to you the chief of months--it is the first to you of the months of the year; (Exodus 12:1-2)
So, Biblical new year is in the middle of March, two weeks before Passover.

Bible has at least one approving reference of Hanukkah (Jn 10:22) but zero of Christmas.

The culture and mentality of every nation is created by its gods. When Israel just left Egypt, they did not have the culture we know from Bible. That was infused to the newborn nation by Almighty later (and even then, not 100% pure). So, if you think words of the Scripture sound like from another universe - remember, so they sounded to first Israelites and all their neighbors. Modern western culture is formed by deities of business, fashion, entertainment, consumerism, sex, feminism... No surprise many can not digest pure Biblical teaching and prefer to adapt it to this pagan context.

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When person loves God he is glad about every discovered opportunity to do something for Him. Thus, laws and regulations become a gift, not burden. Strangely, many believers search to be as worldly as allowed, seeking a way to ignore God's word whenever it is possible to ignore still inheriting eternal life. Such person, preferring to dwell on the very border of allowed, cultivates a heart longing worldly things, and willing not to live on God's territory. The only thing, holding him from crossing the border is fear, and his god becomes not Creator, but the salvation itself.

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Preaching inspired by God is always mind bending. A sermon, harvesting nods and amens on every phrase, sounds suspicious, for God has so much to change in His people.

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Nowadays Christians hear so often that God loves them unconditionally, that death to sin becomes a matter of personal preference, and being born again - replaced by emotional excitement.
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