I sit on the beach of Sorrow, it happens to be right next to the camp. No-One knows my name or anything about me, not even me. They call be Ace, because I am in charge around her. I look like I am in my late 20's. I may be young, but these Pioneers listen to me

"Okay we need team to find a supply of freshwater. I will take 3 volunteers"

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Realizes that I did not make a profile Oh.

My past does not define me. I am strong.

Name: Brooke Avaline Coran
Age: Nineteen
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Homosexual
Race British
New Job: Healer
Old Job: School
Skills: Identifying poisons and poisonous foods, making medicines, survival
Fears: Rape and death
Bio: London was the most wondrous place on Earth. The colours, the people, the history. All was absolutely amazing. Brooke attended university before all of this happened. She had a love once. Her name was Rose. She was wonderful. Her mum died in birth and her father was abusive. He would drink and throw tantrums, throwing bottles and broken glass at Brooke. She ran away from home at age thirteen and lived with her aunt. When all of this happened, Brooke was prepared. She already had a boat docked at port, filled with supplies. Her aunt died at sea.
Family Members No one
Other: Everybody on the island calls her Coran. Not many people know her first or middle names. She has a tough and independent personality.


*Sexual Orientation:* (for population growth)
*Race:* (African, American, Indian, Australian etc.)
*New Job:* (Healer, Farmer, Hunter, Baker, Blacksmith, Teacher, At School, Fisherman, Researcher)
*Old Job:* (What was your occupation before the wipe-out)
*Fears:* (At least 2)
*Bio:* (These have to be descriptive. Explain your life before the wipe-out, family, (are they dead?), how you go to this island?)
*Family Members:* (Who are alive and on the island)
*Other:* (Anything Else?)


1) Mild Swearing
2) No Hentai, Yaoi, Yuri and other stuff
3) Follow all rules
4) Owner is always right
5) If owner is wrong, he deeply apologizes
6) Mods are always right, except when Owner is included
7) Nothing Illegal!!!!
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