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Welcome and thank you so much for joining this comunity.
Here you can post everything based on sonic and your own Oc!
I guess I will always give everyone a
+ 1 for each pic that gets posted
(the art is not mine but its awesome^~^)

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My OC in Sonic Skyline style^^

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"If you want to stay ahead of me, Eggman... You need to keep both eyes open."

"I have no idea what you're talking about, but I'm pretty sure it's a bad thing."
Yeah, I'm gonna start adding quotes to these posts from now on.

So here is Gijinka Jules Hedgehog. Introduced in the Sonic Archie comics as Sonic's dad and the wife of Sonic's mom, Bernadette Hedgehog. Even though Jules is roboticized by Dr. Robotnik and can't be turned back into a Mobian but in my story he does. Since there is no official look for Jules as an adult, I just loosely based him off of his Robian look in the comics.
His Classic look is based off of how Jules looked like during the Great War before being roboticized along with Sonic's look from Sonic Boom.

Next up will obviously be Jules's wife, Bernadette so look forward to that!
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This is an old sonic oc I made as a child. I redrew her.
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Does my oc fur colour look fine as is or should it be changed? Tell me a colour down below in comments and why you think it'd be a better colour cuz just saying yes change does not help me. I like her outfit the way it is.
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Anyone want me to match up their sonic oc with canon where I let you know who I think they'd get along best with and why
I need this info

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Hey it's my OC, Dr. Ovi Mognolious Robotnik
He's the lost brother of eggman, but it isn't him because he has black sunglasses
Age: 24
Bio: once a son of the robotnik family, he was captured during the second enchilada war and tortured for 100 years, now thirsty for blood and revenge, he wants to kill knuckles for what his tribe has done to him
Power level: 10/10
Likes: eggs, lolis, anime and Sonic fanart
Dislikes: Roundabouts, enchiladas, Deadpool and sinners who dare to not believe in the egg god
Super form: gets a like shine around his body and can perform chaos blasts that are more powerful than nukes
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So here's my fourth gijinka character. Finally, Gijinka Tails! I added a few things from Tails's Boom Design (such as his goggles and tool belt). Probably the hardest thing was drawing the hair. When I draw hair for these characters, I try to add any notable hair features that the actual characters may actually have so it was pretty difficult doing that along with trying ti add semi-semi-normal hair.

So my next drawings will most likely be of some characters from the comics, then I'll work on some more game characters. Hope you guys enjoyed this!
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Wassup I'm new

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I drew Blaze as a Human, of course I gave her a more Human like Form. I will still color her. so be patient for the result.
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