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Q. what is the results of lady´s citizenship?

lily cloud ship lady child

it is overseas . it has been a long period time of confused to move away the lady for a new beginning.

do you think the government will take away of citizenship after many years? ship. overseas, move. leaving? so child as results, most likely they will take away the citizenship?


+Cheryl Savino

+Cheryl Savino

i got quite right of an accurate answer of the question that i asked. good!!

i have other question. for example. i personal don't see some meaning of cards for me.

about bird. vocal. from lenormand handout book.

if i don't see it as phone, meeting . how will it affect my reading? i remember you use. i did use it before because the book i was studying from.

like fox as job card from long time ago

but not anymore.


i like to share with you. i have half price coupon for beer in a restaurant. so i'm thinking to go it again before the coupon expired. for to eat dumping food.

i draw

clover letter sun

go!!! what a lucky draw again. i don't usually go. i might get other coupon? if it is stamp card it always expired.

i'm thinking to go a restaurant to eat.i can get 10 % off for birthday month. so what if i go today? other date didn't turn out so nice. i don't know why.

i draw out

stork sun clover!

what a nice draw!i'm going! super lucky!!why today??

when will smartphone cover arrive?

woman child tower bird mice

soon around 19? 23. couple days hours from 16?
mm... i think 23?

because12bird is passed by.

i don't think they will tell me if they already ship. mice take away bird.

+Cheryl Savino

i saw a nice cover for my smart phone. pre order. after i order, i draw out cards!

bouquet whip star

oh! i think this pretty cover could crack of many little things.maybe because decoration would cost problem.

then i got cold of my emotional.yes! cancel cancel cancel! hahaha!

can i think star as shining?or it will be too much?

will my order still be preaccess? (i think i make mistake of spells)

tower ship whip

no. it will be canceled.

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when is good timing to go hair salon

mice key snake coffin fish

i think soon! but it seems i'm loosing my saving. money.

if i read numbers of cards. the date is already passed by. so does it say no. not this time then?

i can get 10 %off if i go in birthday month. the time i went is in april. it has been a while.

what is his personality

the man is the last 2nd card so i cannot use 3x3

choice bouquet man tower

when tower shows.why i feel they are cold, rules, it is kind of hard to get alone with.

how long will this team last

bouquet ship fox man letter

my thought would be next year in winter. man would be him. he probably will make some notice about his team.

mm.i think that is it. without join his team

what is outcome if i continue to join the team?

sun ring coffin star choice

my success of continue in the group will be end by a clearly thought of choice!

i think i will off the team somehow. but mirror success choice? how to tell why? coffin? sickness?

+Cheryl Savino i'm off the team today without saying anything. due to missunderstanding by communication. if it is not fun. if it is just game communication. i don't think it is worst for it even they decided to meet.

what do you think?
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