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The Large Hadron Collider Just Successfully Accelerated Its First Atoms

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Sorry, Elon Musk: NASA says plans to terraform Mars won't work

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Message from the Lord Jesus Christ King of Heaven and Earth
to suffering, painful and sinful humankind for the Love of
Heaven transmitted to you by the Elohim Archangel Saint
Gabriel Sword and Guard of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother
of all humankind, of those who love and those who don´t
love His Most Holy Son, Sacrosanct Eucharistic Heart, Bread
of Heaven, lowered to earth for the Salvation of humankind.
July 16th, 2018.
Beloved ones, My beloved ones, the meteorite is coming, the
Justice cries out to Heaven, the saints will be taken, the wicked will be left. Speed up your efforts to comeback to Me you have little time left less than you imagine children.
That Did you don´t understand yet why?
Analyze your lives in the light of My Commandments and you
will find the answer. Daughters of Andalusia don´t fear,
and return to Me My Mother will guide you with that will be
enough to put you safe from everything.
Keep yourselves in the flock and you will be saved even if
you lose your life.
Loves You The Most Holy Mary My Mother Who wants to Tell
you something.
Beloved children of My Immaculate Heart and Unfading Says
Omnipotent Father God through His Son Being the
Holy Sacrosanct Trinity and Perfect Unity of the Tree
People Father, Son and Holy Spirit, Amen.
Beloved Children of Mine, you waste your time fighting
among you to see if this is true that I Say, Go to the
Sacromonte and you will find the answer to what We Say the
Trinity and I Your Mother, Mother of the Almighty Who Is My
Son Jesus Christ.
Beloved humankind Says God the Father Omnipotent, put on
your batteries to work on what the prophet told you,
consisting to dying to oneself, mystical death of the self
of you, the self is for example the greed, to be able to
accept the Will of God within you,
don´t force the others to do what you do, and with it your
neighbors will learn, as it has always been done, as your
grandparents did Andalusian with you, shut up when you
should and when you souldn´t had to, suffering inside that
sometimes you suffered injustices and knowing how to
forgive despite knowing that you were rigth, resignation
children. Did you forget it?
Did you forget that the Procession goes inside? Well, it
comes and goes to you as you behave proudly with your neighbors as you sometimes do despising your neighbors with the lack of greeting.
Have you seen how rude did you educated to your children
some of you focusing on the material forgetting that your
children what they want above all things is your affection?
and with it I Don´t Mean anything dirty like you
interpret, sinful humankind, like some priests of
Mine, to whom I Am Waiting with Patience as
corresponds to God the Father to Send them to Hell when
they Come to Judgment before Me and My Son.
What a surprise they are going to have even if says the
Pope Francisco whatever he wants to says, from now on those
irredentist sinners of Mine will burn in the Lake of Fire
of Hell for having touched a child of Mine.
Didn't they read the Scriptures where I Say that more It
was worth for them having a mill wheel tied around his neck
and have thrown themselves into a well before touching one
of My little ones?
Oh wicked priests! Oh! Oh! how are you going to perish in
the Lake of Procrustes where you bathed while you lived
lustfully with women even sometimes so many, that although
I Know the number, I don´t carry nor the account as you use
to say colloquially so that my children understand it.
Raphael the Archangel wants to say something.
Beloved humankind, children of God the Father Omnipotent
wash the vestments, bring your little ones closer when the
day arrives to the beams of light of our celestial ships,
UFOs for you and we promise you that they will not miss
anything, we won´t put them a microchip of any kind.
When you see a beam of light, approach your baby and
wait the child will disappear, as a signal you will see
that we blink intermittently as a sign that they have gone
up with us.
It's the Rapture, only children, did you hear? they are
pure, you aren´t, sorry; do it without fear we beg you,
love your children we will take them to our ships to
receive education and training necessary for a human being.
Don´t fear, we are not going to kidnap your children for
undesirable purposes. The earth is going to shake, love
them and save them by letting them come with us.
If you prepare properly then you will come and we will
reunite you with your children, only if you are prepared.
We are from the Pleiades, sons and daugthers, a great
tragedy is coming upon you because of the Hercólubus
Planet-Comet, brown dwarf star according to you.
In addition to the invasion that we already announced about
Islam, there will be atomic World War, gravitational shakes of
the earth because of the gravitational attraction of the Planet-Comet.
Do not flee anywhere, everywhere will be processing
earthquakes and tsunamis.
As soon as you see the celestial ships take the children in
general so that they can be saved.
Courage, what is coming is strong for you prepare
yourselves in spirit with God Almighty Father, which is the
only Way to overcome all this.
The Mother of heaven Keeps you children of the planet
Earth. Teach the Hail Mary to your daughters and sons now.
You will say, what does is related to it on? Well, a lot,
you will see it.

Goodbye beloveds sons and daugthers of God the Father from
the Archangels of God, Saint Gabriel Sword and Guard of the
Most Holy Virgin Mary, in all their Marian apparitions on
Elohim Saint Gabriel thanks you for reading this tricky
message entitled so complicated but also true.
Thank you also says Saint Michael Archangel Guardian of the
Catholic Eucharist, Bread of Life for you, that's why they
took Me out of the Mass, but you say that the Pope Francis
is not false prophet, Hail Mary The Most Pure must say
this, you will accomplish a surprise at least shocking you
shortly, when it comes to light you will remember the
message that you reyected don´t complain then saying that
you were not warned enough in advance.

Thanks from the Mother of Heaven for pointing out as
blasphemy the messages of My daughter with it you have
given her publicity and are now well known to everyone
thanks to your unrepentant arrogance.
Repent children, all, by Charity of Mother's Love I Tell
you, I Love you very much, very much My children, you are
children of God the Father that gives you a special dignity
to you soon will see the result of your efforts of your
Thank you Beloveds from God Almighty Father, thank you,
simply thank you, some have returned, others will return
quickly from the scare that they will take when they see
destroy the Eiffel Tower on the occasion of the Third War
World, you will see children, you will see.
My beloved Spaniards, South Americans, unite, love among
you as children of Mine that you are, you are all of the
Most High. Did you hear? You are all children of the
Almighty, you are Loved by My Mother, you are Loved by God
the Father Omnipotent and Eternal that Looks at you with
devotion and tenderness, even if you don´t believe it.
Waiting for His children return to Him in repentance and
Beloved I Am the Risen Christ, Your Jesus if you want too,
I Am the Son of God Omnipotent Father, Omniscient, The Most
High for you, learn at once to be good Christians, forget
grudges, take away your envy from your minds, love your
neighbor as yourself, why don´t you see your house cleaners
in the same way since I called you lukewarm of heart My
Spanish ones?
Oh! How much I Love you! How I Long for you to return to Me
in repentance and truth, to make your life a sanctity and
not a reproach, not to hold a grudge against anybody in the
world even much that could happend.
Children I Love you, I Am the Almighty with Me you have all
you don´t look for anything else, nothing will satisfy you,
everything will be empty, some already know it because they
have tried everything:
women, drug crap, alcoholism, fornication of all
type, this do not read it to your children,
lasciviousness of the moment with everything and by
everything. Tell Me Your God, does this make you
Not at all, I already Answer for you as I always Do, I
answer for your sins, what it costs you to repent, be
better My children and less of the society that doesn´t has
a Way as you don´t convert before and
with before, quickie if you want that you have little time
left, tell them, maybe they wake up and hit a 360 degree
turn suddenly that leaves you speechless.
You will see I Am the Truth and the Life nobody Goes to The
Father but for Me. Did you forget children?
Some didn´t, I Know, others will see if they remember or as
the foolish virgins and it will be too late for them, as
the Scriptures say.
What a moment, children, what a moment! it's now or never.
Did you hear? Now or never, there is no more.
I Bless you in the Name of the Father, of the Son, of the
Holy Spirit.
Amen, Amen, Alleluia.
Glory to God, the Most High Sacrament of the Altar, through
Whom all Lives in the Universe and He Is God, for ever and
ever, Eternal and True Bread of Life, Bread Clará, Bread of
Love for His people.
Praised Be the Most High and forever be it.
Glory to God for ever and ever.
Amen, Alleluia, Amen.
Amen, Amen, Amen.

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