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I'm AA8WH...
I just bought a ts-2000x...
And it works great...
Except for the fact that after programming the radio frequencies, and powering down the radio...
Upon powering the radio back up, all frequencies were erased...and it was reset back to the factory resets...
I tried resetting the radio, and reloading freqs again...
After shutdown and reset, it did it again...
Is there anything else I can do other than boxing it up and sending it back????

Hi My call is KD2GOE i am a fairly new ham operator i live in the city and there is a lot of interference around me for HF witch brings me to my question
I am thinking of installing the Inrad #92 Filter in to my Kenwood ts-2000
am i correct in that it will only effect SSB and CW? I use AM and FM on it as well so i don't want it to effect the AM/FM modes..
its a 2.1kHz filter so well it make the DPS high cut not work after 2200Hz?
Thanks for any help..

Over the last few months there have been a number of applicants for membership to the Community who all have one thing in common. Besides not having anything on their profile indicating anything related to ham radio, the only content on their profiles is a collection of drone related videos. Remarkably all of these applicants have pretty much the same content. Thus the suspicion is strong - on my part - that these may be all the same individual or perhaps group of individuals and the purpose of joining G+ Communities is to increase their exposure (for whatever the motivation is) by posting their links and videos to those groups.

Needless to say, these applicants are not making it into the Communities. Nor into any of my Communities. If you are reading this and you are one, and you know who you are, do not bother making application for membership in this community. I have nothing against the hobby of using drones but your content does not fit the theme of this group. You will not make it in.
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Has anyone ever experienced intermod problems with the TS-2000?

I recently obtained an Ameritron AL-811H HF amplifier. I discovered that when the amp is turned on, in Standby (just receiving) the TS-2000 receiver experiences strong intermod interference in the presence of moderate to strong signal band conditions. During the day when 20 m. is active and signals are strong, a high almost hash sounding noise is present and is broadband and it creates a distortion on received signal audio. Even, and perhaps especially strong signals.

Turn the amp off and the noise interference goes away. Even with the amp on, turning the bandswitch of the amp to a different band will resolve it.

Now here is the interesting thing. On bands which are low activity, such as 20 m. at night, or right now with 10 and 15 being mostly dead, or 40 or 80 during the day, no noise heard at all. Go to 20 or 17 m. with the presence of strong signals and the interference is present.

I checked my Drake R-4B. No interference. My Icom IC-706. No interference. So the problem is limited to the Kenwood. Though the root cause of the interference is apparently in the amp, the effect of that signal interference is apparently due to a malfunction of some sort in the TS-2000 receiver.

My last light bulb has gone out on my TS-2000. Guess I am going to need to go ahead and fix them. I don't want to change the color of the screen, want to keep it original. Any suggestions on where to get a kit for this job or where to get the parts? Thanks . And directions would be nice. I don't want to take apart more than I need to. I forget how long I have had this radio, 6 or maybe 8 years, everything else has worked flawlessly. I have other radios, FT-1000D and a IC-7000 in my pickup. The Kenwood for me is a keeper. I would part with the others for the right offer. Not that I am trying to.

recently tried to use my TS-2000 in the ARRL Jan. contest on 2 and 6 meters SSB..... I noticed I was receiving S7 and S9 signal reports from stations I could hardly hear, some asked to listen for some of their friends running 100 watts, they could hear me Q5, I could not copy them.... so after a few hours of frustration I pulled out my 30 year old TR-751A all mode mobile with a Mirage 1016, suddenly the band came alive with weak signals..... switched back to the TS-2000 very few signals heard. 6 meters worked fine..... searching the web I found many owners have a similar complaint. Not having a reputable dealer service near-by in this country I'm looking for a good pre-amp, any suggestions???? Bob Ve3PCW

This week I found the mod to allow for making the radio capable of transmitting on the 5 mHz (60 metre) band. The mod consists of the removal of one SMD resistor (R53) inside.

Once that mod is performed (it's well documented on the Web) it allows for transmit continuously on 1.7 to 30 MHz for HF. I would have preferred to have it simply open the area needed for coverage of the desired frequency range but the idea of having ham availability of that band was probably not considered when the radio was introduced by Kenwood. So, that does mean that now the radio is capable of transmitting everywhere. Something potentially subject to abuse but that's not going to be the case here.

I had intended to document the location of the component to be removed with photos but though I had intended to do so, ahead of time, once I had done it, I did not think of that again until the radio was again closed up and back into the position on the radio desk.

The component to be removed is very, very tiny. A surface mount device, one must take care when unsoldering it to make sure no damage is done to the circuit board or nearby components. The device itself is not more than a millimetre in length so visual magnification is a good idea. As well as a steady hand.

I have only test transmitted on the frequencies in that band through a dummy load as I don't yet have my antenna set to cover the band. It transmits the full 100 watts output so once the antenna issue is resolved I should be good to go on a band I have never operated before.

Sadly I'm looking for an finals pcb board from kenwood......does that board have the final drivers/misfits on it and if so where can I find one to replace it with? Anyone?

The 5A fuse F1 that protects the drivers and outputs on my TS-2000 is blown. I find 0V on the collectors. I do have B+ to one side of the fuse. Does anyone have experience to know that this always indicates a faulty component? Or, might this have blown to successfully protect the drivers and outputs if they were looking into a bad antenna? I am considering finding some spots to bridge a new fuse in as a test. Any advice?
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