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Many thanks to +Giorgi Lockapishvili who did most of the work, here are a set of rules for using this community. We would appreciate it if all members read them and abide by them out of respect for the animals and one another, thank you.

Welcome to the community of Animal Rights G+! ❤🐾 We hope you'll enjoy being part of us! Together we can make a positive impact on cruelty to animals and make a world better place! 💜 🌍

Please read community rules to be informed, they help make community comfortable for everyone. 🤗


1. Only post stuff that fits the content of our
community. Such as animal rights,
animal rescue, animal adoption,
anti-vivisection, anti-hunting, vegan
info and recipes, and petitions against
animal cruelty.

2. Buying or selling of any kind of animal
is forbidden from this group. So as a call
for such acts. Doing so will lead to an
immediate ban.

3. Posting content of hunting, fishing, safari or
any other kind mistreatment of animals in
the form of promoting animal abuse is
forbidden. Except for reporting animal cruelty,
or requests to sign petitions for example,
in this case put a title on your post so it won't be
mistaken for the type of post that
promotes abuse.

4. This community is not to be used for posts
by commercial pet breeders of any kind.
Animals should not be bred, bartered and sold
like commodities. There is no place for
pet breeders in an animal rights
community. Breeders create a
“surplus” of animals who end up being
in kill shelters.

5. In order to keep the community varied, the
number of posts per day per member are now
restricted to seven, ten if necessary.
Also please try to leave some time intervals
between your posts if possible.

6. Members can post in every category that is
marked with symbol ⏺.
Categories marked with the symbol🔽are for
owners and moderators only.

7. In case of situation that any rule needs to be
changed or disabled with short amount of
time for the good of community, moderators
and owners have right to do so. And they will
inform you about changes in the category of
“announcements”. This rule cannot disable or
change the main content of rules number 2 & 3.

8. If a member breaks rules twice they will receive
a warning by our moderators or
owners, Breaking rules three times will result
In the member being banned or
temporarily suspended.



1. Try to make all the posts in English, this will
help you get a bigger audience. You can use
multiple languages at the same post.

2. When posting/sharing links of any kind, e.g.
petitions, please add some text in the text box
explaining a bit about the content.
This is to help avoid your post being
flagged as spam by google.

3. If you'd like to request changes in our
community for the good of it then you must
make a poll in “Discussion” category and
describe your idea. Your poll
must have two possible voting options, first:
Agree and second: disagree, if the majority
support your idea, provided it is in keeping
with the ethos of animal rights,
owners and moderators
will try to implement it in the
community, but try to tag
them in your post so your idea will be
directly delivered to them.

These rules have been written by moderators and owners of Animal Right G+ community. Please respect our rules.

We are looking for new moderators so if you are committed to animal rights and think you can handle such responsibility then please send a message to +Martha Magenta. 🙂

Also be sure to visit +No Animal Poaching's page as of what he/she does for wildlife is remarkable.

Here are some of our regular posters: +Sofie Løve Forsberg
+No Animal Poaching +Denise Gonzales and +Antoinette Gonzales

Please remember that animals need your help and you're their voice. Thank you for your attention ❤ have a nice day!

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Justice for Avni 🤬🤬🤬🤬

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Remove Breed Specific Legislation From This New Animal Cruelty Law!

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Trump Is Opening National Parks During the Shutdown for Hunting Season

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No More Animal-Killing Contests on Federal Land!

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Maximum punishment for the coward who stabbed the puppy to death

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Rocky Mountain Wolf Project - Take Action
Rocky Mountain Wolf Project - Take Action

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