5716 years before the events of "The Traveler" mankind was at a pinnacle of technology. The Arthurian research division was working on bio enhancement  though gene splicing. Out of the 17 lab grown humanoids only one was a successful experiment. The other 16 were destroyed in testing. Among the "enhancements" made to the successful experiment was a viral agent produced by his own cells to reattach the  telomere (DNA naturally lost as a cell divides believed to cause aging symptoms) in order to essentially stop his aging. However the viral agent escaped the lab by infecting a careless lab assistant and from there infected many who came into contact with him though touch. The disease had some very unusual side effects including faster regenerative abilities, increased muscle strength, and increased brain function. The lab responsible was credited with initiating the next step in human evolution, and hailed as heroes.The governments of the world not wanting to be left behind purposely infected their citizens with this disease with in a few weeks of its creation. Unfortunately the infected's metabolisms were not equipped to deal with the increased demand made by their "enhanced" bodies. Within four months after the incubation period of the viral agent the host would starve regardless of the amount of food consumed. 99% of humanity was wiped out in under a year.

The Traveler is about a cursed swordsmen
its a mix between syfy and fantasy

this is a upcoming animation my group (which is nameless so far) will be putting on youtube in a couple of months
this will serve as a forum for anyone who is interested in watching the project
also when the first video is made I will place a link on this community
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