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If you're friend gets in trouble and it is not their fault what do you do?
A. Nothing
B. Tell the teachers who really did it.
C. Get angry at the person who did it and harm them..
D. Help them.
E.  Stick up for your friend
Which place would you LOVE to live in
A. Grand Canyon
B. Hawaii
C. Somewhere super hot.
D. Coral Reef
E. A historical place.
Which weather?
A. Hot and Sunny
B. Rainy
C. Windy
D. Thunder Storm
E. Any.
Which animal?
A. Dog
B. Fish
C. Bird
D. Cat
E. Dragon.

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Here's some more pics of aqua (if she were real) and what she would wear.
Five Elements
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 Name: James Blake
Age: 22
Grade: College
Element: Fire
Description: Brown short hair, golden eyes, average height of his age
Likes: Fire, summer, beach, rock music, winter
Dislikes:  Darkness, rainy days, bullies, loud people, crowds, parties
Bio:  He was born in a small family of mages. He specializes in the fire element although he can manipulate ice well. He is also artistic as he can create art with both elements.
Personality:  Quiet, reserved, emotional, passionate
Weapons: Antique ring
Hobbies: Create ice sculptures, create fire imaginary beings, reading, stargazing

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Name: Aqua Seas
Age: 12
Grade: 6th
Element: Water.
Description: Aqua is shy, but very crazy when you get to know her.

Wow... No one knows what to do slow claps

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Name: Charletty Timothy
Age: 13
Grade: 7
Element: air
Bio: kinda shy, but she's really sweet, carrying and loyal. 

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Name : Summer ( but when having powers " The Snow Princess " ) 💎
Age : 12
Grade : 7
Element : Snow
Description : Looks like the one with my name on it when in real world but when I have to use my powers I turn like the other picture so that people don't recognise me.
Bio : In a normal school but is the snow princess and nobody knows that except for her other friends ( other elements ) not school friends. My mother is the snow queen and my father is. Snow king . There are 2 families of the element snow from Which there's a snow prince who is my childhood best friend :) ❤️💜💖

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Just reminding you all, you have to take the quiz before making a profile! I'm seeing people making profiles and choosing whichever element they want. Don't say you didn't see the quiz, it's at the top, you can't miss it

+Cloe Bull: The Gamer Queen ya know, I could make this community a lot better if I were a mod.

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Name: Alicia Granger (Hermione's twin so looks exactly the same)
Element: Spirit
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