+Shalk Tiem​ actually just delete the community i made a new a one

+Shalk Tiem​ can i be owner again?

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Hey guys its me the "The villager" im back and ready to fuck shit up. Man this place brings back memories

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My new knitted Yoshi
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i have a Smash Festival Tourney
its almost started
its actually called Smash Festival
its until the 22nd 12:00 PM
oh and i should give you my Mii name
My Mii:Da Waddles

Who wants to help me set up a tourney! :D

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so guys the day has come...
there are 2 options
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Delete community
assign a new owner

Hey guys! I know this community has been going downhill for a while but, and that is not +The Villager's fault, but now this community is my responsibility now that I am the owner, and I plan and reviving this place! :D I will host this community's first official tournament soon!

see you guys later
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