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The RV Navigators make their TV debut!
Our long running podcast will be featured on the CBS Sunday Morning program next Sunday (1/20/19). Their crew spent a day with us last week videoing us being interviewed by CBS Correspondent David Pogue.
We were surprised to see a promo for the segment on this weeks Sunday Morning with a short clip of us in it. So I guess this is going to happen next Sunday. Stay tuned.
I shot this photo of the TV show us in our "mobile podcasting studio" - the Motorhome.

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Google has indicated that Google+ (where you are now) will be shut down soon. To replace this valuable source of RV information, Your RV navigators have established a Facebook group page. You can find and join this page at
or by searching for RV Navigator in Facebook.

We hope to see you there in the not too distant future.

Have you ever read your owners manual or the roof warranty? We have. First of all the warranty is only for 1 year to the original owner. There is no warranty for the next owner. Even if you opt to get an extended warranty, we notice that the roof was not covered.

The warranty requires you the owner to inspect the roof frequently, They use the word frequently. You have to inspect this yourself or pay to have it done out of your own pocket.

The other requirement is that you have to re-seal or re-caulk any areas needing attention, again, out of your own pocket This is what they call maintenance. The manufacturers know this maintenance requirement out there because they know most folks won't do it.

So what good is the warranty? There isn't one, it's a sham. The material is warranteed for 12 years by Dicor to the original owner, but you still would have to prove the material had failed. not the caulking and adhesives but the roofing. Very rarely does that ever happen. If it did all they would do is supply you with new roofing and you have to pay to have it installed. Dicor is the licensed distributor for the material that is manufactured by Carlisle Syntec called Bright ply. carlisle would not honor any warranty because the material was installed incorrectly and not in accordance with their recommended procedures.

If you just went out and purchased a new RV you need to be wise to this because it could easily cost you several thousand dollars to repair. If you have an older RV you need to pay attention to the roof and all the other areas water can get in and ruin your RV. Come by for a free inspection and we will walk around with you to show you some concerns we have uncovered. Go to our Caulking and sealing page see what we look for, or click here.

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We just received our personalized "RV Navigator" clock. I found a groupon for $24 that had a unique wall clock made to our specs. After about about 4 weeks, the metal, laser cut clock arrived. Very nice looking, but hard to see on a dark background. We have not yet decided where to mount it. The spot we had in the RV turned out to be too small for the diameter of the clock.

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My latest favorite RV youtube channel is 'fate unbound', a young couple are full time campers in a 24' trailer. They've been on the road for about a year. They've dozens of videos with a large variety of topics. Certainly very thought provocative. Didn't mention they have a dog and cat.

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Hey Ken & Martha... Just got to listen to the July podcast and wanted to provide two points of input..
1: Software for the website:
- Most people do not use software local to their computers to publish website anymore.. I strongly recommend you take a look at (for hosting on your server of choice) or for hosting directly through them and removing the management hassle.
- There are tons of plugins to help with podcast publishing in WordPress and all the editing / site creation is done via a browser from anywhere, so no need to have local software at all.

2: Melted power plugs are not usually caused by 'overloading' them. That's what the breaker in your coach and at the pedestal are there to protect against. Hot plugs are created by high resistance connections. High resistance + high current == lots of heat (see any hair dryer for a good example).
- The most common cause is an old receptacle at the pedestal. The receptacle has likely been abused and plugged in / unplugged under load, twisted when someone forgot to unplug before pulling away, etc. This causes the metal inside the receptacle to deform and loosen over time and no longer have a firm grasp on your RV's plug. This lack of firm grasp creates high resistance and thus, heat.
- You were correct that it commonly occurs in the summer on hot days when everyone is trying to use their AC. This is when the most current flows across that high resistance connection and thus generates the most heat.

Happy Travels!

On the June 1 podcast re Big Bend as the example park. True generally but specifically - best to have reservations for Spring Break (figure all of March with peak being 2d and 3rd week), then lead up to Thanksgiving thru Christmas holidays. Lots of acreage and miles of roads to spread people out on (although there can be lines at the entrance stations in the spring) but campgrounds will be filled.
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